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Makr has some nice backpacks
From last season. Only worn once. Never washed. Dry clean only. Great lightweight and surprising warm fabric. Very soft. Price includes shipping. Priced to sell. $70 45% cotton, 44% wool, 11% linen
Soft flannel cotton. Light wear, 8.5/10. Always hung to dry. Price includes shipping. Priced to sell.
Beefy cotton olive oxford from past winter season. Only worn once, and washed once. Great condition. Price includes shipping. S/S 17 P/P 21 L 29
Large loop 100% cotton navy blue cardigan. Medium wear and some pilling visible. Measurements available upon request. Price includes shipping.
Fits like a Medium. Classic Wings henley. Very light wear, mostly just worn around the house. Price includes shipping. Measurements available upon request.
wings+horns german corded pant FW11-12 size 30. hemmed to 30.5". Hardly worn, too skinny for my taste 9/10 waist 32" rise 9.5" Thigh 10.75" knee 8.25" leg opeing 7.25" Price includes shipping. $60
Sorry, updated listing. It's a medium.
BNWOT price includes shipping with tracking number. Tried on once to ensure fit. Unfortunately, the jacket does not fit my wardrobe and haven't worn it since. My poor planning is your gain. According to Apolis website Sleeve length 33.5 body length 26.5 sweep 20 chest 20.5
25% off through Wednesday with UDPROMO25 at wingsandhorns.com
New Posts  All Forums: