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I think this is everyday value pricing - IE 3 for $229 shirtsThere's some bad information on that thread so take it with a grain of salt. Sunlandia21's (also says he's a BB employee) comments are way off.Good news for Discover IT card members, "Clothing Stores" is a category for Q4 and I'd have to imagine BB would be considered. Extra 5% X 2 = 10% CB on my final price. I'll take it.
Same here. I search online every few days to see if it has been announced. Usually I'm able to find out 2-3 weeks before it happens, so I'd be surprised if it happens before mid-September at this point. My guess is October.
Unicorn (on this thread), ha. Man, I have to think it has been months since someone posted black calf.
Cigar LWB- one month old- havent gotten around to sneaking them home yet.
LWB - Yes, I'd wager you can find Cigar and Whiskey in less than one year if you try hard enough and pay close attention to updates on this thread. Ravello will be more difficultBoots - Same as above, especially if you are open to different deisgns: sw, indy, cap toe, etcEdited to add- D width in 9-11 gives you the best chance. What size are you?
These Color 8 Indys and Mike's ravello sw boots are both awesome. Hope to pick up the indy's next year and the ravellos sometime in the next 5 years. I know its going to be a long wait. Need the guys at TSM or AoM to come through for me.
I'm guessing this is breaking rules, but honestly if you are simply trying to do someone a favor on these boards by giving them access to your shoe at the price you paid, prior to you returning them - I'd support breaking the rules.
Black shell
I have another Alden fan in the office with me (I think he may own more than me). He spotted a pair of shell I was wearing (I forget the exact pair) and since then we've probably spent a good 50 hours over the past 2 years talking Alden.One time on the train I was wearing a crepe sole LWB and someone asked me if it was the all weather walker and asked how I liked it - so clearly he had some knowledge of Alden.My insurance agent and I got into a conversation about Alden's....
I think JAB is done offering their shoe trees under $10. I haven't seen them on sale under 12.50 this year. I'm guessing Men's Warehouse merger has something to do with it.
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