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Yeah looks like some exclusions on this one....unlike the corporate sale 25% that just passed.
today is a good day to buy from brooks if you are spending $600 - $700 $200 off $600 w code BCFL16 (good for a few more days) 20X points through United Air portal today only (worth over .01 a point in my book)
darn, you are quick
Jet comes around every few weeks but never dissapoints. Thats another fine pair of Aldens, sir.
Pretty sure the 40% works on the C&J cordovan but doesnt work on the Alden cordovan (unless the sales rep lets you). I think this is because c&j cordovan is not part of the "cordovan collection" line.
I will never forgive myself for passing on Cigar Indys a few years back.
Whiskey Almost Wednesday And yeah I know my socks dont match my pants, I'm behind on laundry.
Im curious to find out if they will be excluding certain shoes. Normally cordovan is included but I don't remember ever seeing fine print about applying to "select styles only" as is the case this time.
Oh man, I saw those color 4 boots went for $1050. I agree, I was thinking they'd sell for a few hundred more.
If someone goes in and finds out what fabrics are available at this price, please post.
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