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I knew BB sold Rancourt. They sell quoddy? What model?
They look great. I think if I could change one thing about them, it would be taking the ugg label off!
I have one of those rancourt natural corodvan belts. It really doesnt match up with whiskey cordovan. I'd suggest checking out carmina for a closer-to-whiskey shell belt-
Nice. I've read a ton of good things about chromepak soles. I've seen posts on various forums about 2-3 years of regular wear on pavement with no issues. I haven't, however, read anything about extensive use on wet surfaces or in the rain. I'll try to keep mine dry to play it safe.
I find the BB neck to be slightly more roomy than kamakura. I believe the correct move is to go with 17 in your case.
Nice price
Oh ok, I thought they were on Chromepak soles - didn't realize Quoddy did CXL soles
When I open that page cached- it shows a cxl sole as well, so take that info with a grain of salt.
What leather is the uppers?
Aberdeen - be careful- toe box can be tight depending on the shape of your foot.
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