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Someone on here confirmed that the BB unlined shell lhs is now made on copley last. He learned this from speaking to Alden. This would explain a difference in sizing.
Trubalance chukkas at the bureau belfast. Is that a typo?
Agree. Don't see many of these one here.
If you want to save the $, buy a pair on 12/26 and return the ones you bought last week. 90 day policy.
Always cool to see Aldens in the wild: My salesman at Kamakura shirts on Madison Ave was sporting some color 8 LHS from AoM with some japanese selvedge denim. Funny because I picked up my first pair of Alden LHS just yesterday.
For me this is not an issue. Leave the darker one in sunlight for a few days.
Awesome acquisition. Enjoy them.
Good luck. Thumbs up for passing these along to the community at cost and not trying to make money on ebay.
Remember the good ole days when the seconds list would have 15+ pairs of cordovan in your size?
Funny my wife generally hates my Alden collection but loves this makeup. I'm sure I could convince her to buy these for me for our 5 year anniversary coming up in a few months, I'm just not sure I can pull off a black boot....
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