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TSM mentioned they were going to send out a list a few weeks ago to account for returns/ etc. I'm fairly confident there was not a new shipment.
PSA at TSM: Looks like they received a return on the Whiskey LHS on Van last in 10.5D Also looks like a Ravello NST on Aberdeen in 10.5D is in stock as well This is based on what is showing as available on website. Worth a call if you are in the market for either.
Thanks for the correction. I was thinking they would be on same last as model 971/972. Anyone feel free to PM me if you have questions about the Amex offer.
PSA: $150 for some Straight Tip Calfskin Alden's (Brown only) If you have the Amex offer its $50 statement credit for $200 purchase at BB.com I believe these are on Aberdeen. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Captoe-Bluchers/136H%2cdefault%2cpd.html?dwvar_136H_Color=BK&contentpos=3
I guess what I don't understand is why create a last if you are only going to make a single makeup on it? Doesn't make sense to me.
Anyone know if Alden makes any other shoes on the m-75 last besides the Brooks Brothers Wingtip? Searched around but didn't see anything online.
They used to. They also used to carry them in stores but now it seems they only sell online. Also - these will drop down closer to $200 a few times a year if you aren't in a hurry to buy.
Did you go?
Steve,I guess if they are maxed out to full capacity and they have to do one-off orders, that could slow them down. Maybe only offer calf, color 8 shell and black shell for MTO's? I'd still be happy if they did that. I will have to look into a bespoke shoe. Never really thought about it but the concept seems like a good idea. On another note: It sounds like Epaulet is getting some traction on group MTO's...hopefully some other retailers can go down this road as-well and we...
Man, I really wish I got into Aldens like 10 years ago. My interest has peaked over the past 2-3 years but I would have loved to been able to customize my own shoes. Anyone with inside information know if they will ever bring back MTO? Maybe next time we hit a recession? Ha. I think I read it was an economic decision. I'm a firm believer that there is a price for everything. Certainly Alden could make some money with a $300 up-charge. I'd pay it and I'm sure there are...
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