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I agree- AoM has a good selection- Citishoes you may luck out and find an exotic in your size-
great price
Tempting, both a tad small for me- good prices
man, $800 - by the time I get my hands on something ravello, we'll be over $1000
Chip is cornering the market on 9D Whiskey LHS.
Good Morning
something odd about that shirt- cash blend normallypriced at $99- detailed description does not mention cashmere at all- says "100% cotton"However, that aside, I did see a cashmere blend shirt like this at Madison (grey stripe)
I don't know what it is about this photo, but it made me dizzy - ha.
A little disappointed I didnt get selected as I own 10+ shirts from them. I wonder if it was random, by purchase history or some other way of selecting.
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