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This rThis reminds me of the time an SA from Boston called me and asked me out on a date with her next time I was in town. Very random since I didnt even give her my number.
Another great picture. Mac's Whiskey NST pictures are what inspired me to buy this shoe.
II believe these also go on sale a few days before christmas at 30-40%
Yes. Please search thread before asking next question..
In the past, I have found the below website is a good resource for finding out about upcoming corporate sales: http://corporateshopping.com/discounts/brooks-brothers-corporate-membership
Looks like it doesn't stack w/ 15% corporate discount. Doesn't it make more sense to open a card during the next corporate event instead?
Seconded. Was going to post this. First pair of Alden's? Most stores wont take returns with creasing or with scuffs on soles. Best to not walk around in them when trying on. Only places like Jcrew or Brooks Brothers will take them back with wear.
Is this a joke or a real question?
Question: After viewing a picture of Mac's Color 8 Unlined LHS circa 1986, I was wondering if it is possible to expedite the patina process on my Alden color 8's. When I go to the office, my shoes are outdoors 5-10 minutes per day and very rarely are they exposed to direct sunlight. At this rate, I have a feeling its going to take an extraordinary amount of time for my shoes to mature. Has anyone tried to leave their shoes in a window sill from time to time in order to...
I believe Ralph is only there one day per week. I think it may be Mondays.
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