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I decided to resist. There are other shoes higher up on my list that I want more and I'm not 100% sure I would like the Van last. I'm sure I will regret my decision when I see everyone posting these over the next few weeks.
Darn. Was thinking about these. Now that this has been posted here, going to have to act fast.
This is my experience. Others have had their SA's make exceptions. I'm not so lucky.
Alden shell cordovan is excluded in all sales with the one exception of the corporate sale.
Yup, saw these as well. I wear a 10.5D / 11C so they would not have fit unless I wore thick socks. Ended up passing and luckily got in on a pre-order a few weeks later. Dark Cigar will lighten up over time. I would not return a pair of cigar for being too dark. His loss, your gain.
Unfortunately I tried the insert idea but that didn't work. Thanks for the idea. The funny thing is, too much cushion also causes problem (ie crepe soles)- it has to be a happy medium of support and cushion.
Hey, I really would love if the sole was my issue but unfortunately it is not (although it possibly is a contributing factor)Here are some data points:I have 3 pairs of LWB on barrie with double leather - no problems - can walk for miles - just like sneakersNst on barrie double leather (same size as lwb above) - not nearly as comfortable and some soreness after a normal work dayHampton x 3 - can't walk at a normal pace- leave them at office so I don't have to walk long...
Agree with many of the comments above on the defect. You may see a flaw as a defect, and 9 of 10 on here will disagree and say isnt worth bringing it up with the retailer. Welcome to the world of Alden, where scratches are considered character and color variation out of the box is patina. If you follow this thread that your experience isn't unique. Alden is not a well oiled machine and production hiccups are not uncommon. You may have to buff a scratch out upon arrival or...
I honestly don't know about my instep. I feel like I had this checked a while back but don't recall the results.What I do know is that my feet/knees are terribly selective when it comes to shoes. I've had to donate, sell or give away many pairs of shoes because they don't work for me. I've worn the same model basketball shoe and running shoe for 5+ years in order to avoid pain/injury. Kind of annoying but I deal with it and live with it.Edit- and it isnt like a foot pain...
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