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Again? Didnt they get a shipment in just a few months back?
Thanks. Not exactly what I've been looking for, but at this price it's worth it to at least place the order. My size is not available for another 5 weeks so plenty of time it cancel if I change my mind.
I have to think the imported is a typo. The item is new on the website so possibly hasn't been caught yet. I'd prefer something over 14oz but I'll give these a shot and report back on the labels and where they are made.Here is another "new" pair at the same price point that has the same made in the USA headline and does not say imported on the...
This happened to me with a purchase from TSM. However, those were seconds. Told TSM about the problem of the polish masking the greenish blemish and they took care of me.
Saw these earlier this morning and passed. Can't find a Van last size that fits me. They also had 11D but those are now gone. Whoever takes these, make sure you apply code "PRIVATE" for an additional 25% off.
Wow, never knew they sold Alden.
Always call the Norwalk B&M store vs the Milford phone number. It typically is best to ask for Joe or Ed.
It probably doesn't help if you are taking pictures of your shoes during dinner. Haha.
It does appear small, however I carry a Filson duffle and the specs are similar (see below).http://www.filson.com/products/duffle-bag-small.70220.htmlI've seen some other shell offerings but I've not seen a whiskey bag. Brooks Brothers sells a few color 8 shell cordovan briefcases. I talked to Nick Horween once and he gave me a list of a few others who sell them.
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