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factory defect
Not familiar with website or model number. If you dont get an answer from someone here, contact Alden (Brenda) via email or phone and she will lookup the last if you give the model #
Where are they from?
Ha. I'm in the 20-30 pair range now...pretty sure id be in the 30-40 range with no kids, cant imagine what crazy collection Id have with no wife...
It is a safe assumption that there will not be a corporate sale until September at the earliest.
Excellent. These are on my list of dream acquisitions. Still waiting on the Ravello drought to end.1. Ravello Wingtip Boot2. Ravello Tassel3. Non-hampton medallion toe bal (#8, whiskey, ravello)4. Non-hampton straight tip bal (#8)5. Ravello Indy
Sweet! We need more tassels - I want to see some ravello and whiskey!
Happy to see another shop selling Aldens. Here's to plenty of business in San Diego (Seems to be a very good place to open a shop for us posters since there is a huge southern CA population on here) I know it is stating the obvious, but actually going in a B&M shop and seeing shoes in person makes it much more tempting to buy vs shopping online. I almost always cave when I go in a store. For that reason I limit my visits to AoM and TSM to about 1-2 times a year.
Nice, what kind of chukkas? Snuff Suede?
unlined snuff chukka today
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