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Mike, I like those cigar bluchers. Wear in good health.
Ha. Hopefully Mac will be back soon to post his own pictures.
Yup. My view is that aged Whiskey seems to get closer to Orange / Red vs Ravello which just becomes a lighter caramel color.
Found some of Mac's old NST photos. Can you tell which one is Ravello?
Exactly the reason why I seem to have a hard time buying the same shoe in Ravello and Whiskey. There is definitely a pretty decent gap in color to start, but my whiskeys have been darkening up pretty quickly. If you take a look at some of uncle mac's aged whiskey and ravello, sometimes it is hard to tell the colors apart.
When I spoke to them a few months ago, they seemed to think the order could be completed a few months early given the issue they had with their ravello orders. I was kind of hoping for a June delivery. Oh well, September isn't too far away.
Have to expect TSM will be getting another shipment in soon, right? I feel like it has been a while. Mike- any inside info?
I would be 100% in if you guys could get these shoes made.
Mike, they will lighten over time after a dozen or so wears.....make sure they see plenty of sunlight the days you wear them.But, with your shoe rotation that will probably take you a few years!
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