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any modified last fans here? found these today, never been to the website before so do your homework before buying....uk sizing: http://m.brownsfashion.com/product/020Q52Z10007/206/cordovan-lace-up-boots
I thought EG always is included during the corporate sale??Corporate sale happens 3-4 times a year. Stack with one of their gift card promotions (I think they were recently doing a $125 for a $150 gift card promo) and you could at 40+% off.I generally use a cashback website and get 5%+ more back.
Recently. Sometime in the past year.
Funny, I've tried 11D, 11.5D and 11.5C in hampton. I can't get through a full day in any of these sizes because of the discomfort. I'm going to try 12C and 12B eventually- then I'm going to give up if one of these doesnt work.
unline suede is the most comfortable summer shoe x 1000
I don't think he's saying that. I think he prefers a fuller cut jacket vs what is sold at brooks these days. I don't think it has to do with thinness. Polo RL seems to be the same way- there used to be good difference between the cut/fit of black label vs blue label, now they are nearly the same cut.I've been increasingly dissapointed with OTR suits these days. Pants too slim in thighs and jackets too tight in the arms. At this point I'm focusing on MTM.
Color 8 tassels were going to be my suggestion as well bc of the history, tradition and versatility. However, tassels don't float everyone's boat - a lot of tassel haters out there.Unless the OP already has Marlow shell tassels or is opposed to tassels in general, my vote is for color 8 tassels.
Excellent. These have aged very well - a nice reddish whiskey. I would guess they are 5+ old years based on the color.
Very nice. You don't see this stock model too often around here. I'd like to grab a pair of these at some point.
I've had my dawson's for a few weeks now and I really like them. The chromepak sole is great and really molds to your foot with just a few weeks of wear. To the posters above- I've been wearing mine with no insert with no issues at all. I ordered mine with a thin leather sole but I ended up taking it out. I think I'll add a few more chromepak soled quoddys to my collection in the near future, especially if they do another MTO sale this fall/winter.
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