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Tassel Tuesday
wrong thread delete
TB = 10.5DBarrie =11CLeydon = 11.5CI went a 1/2 size up from Barrie and I agree they have less room (compared to 11C Shell LWB).Hard to compare apples to apples when you deal with different models and different leathers.Feel like suede should expand a bit, especially since they are unlined.
So I thought that staying off this thread would keep me out of the Alden game. I thought wrong. First pair of Alden Suede - Unlined Snuff Suede Chukka on the Leydon Last. Very happy with them. First post of 2016:
I'm extremely happy with the light blue broadcloth model w/ spread that is all but sold out online. The possible downside to the 200 fabric is I feel like it wears a bit warmer than other shirts I've bought in the past. Maybe a coincidence?
Probably depends on the weave (and less on the thread count). I am a big fan of the 200 tc shirts but would be very interested in hearing more about 300 shirts. The salesmen at Madison ave describe the 300's as a bit delicate. My concern is durability. So if anyone has put these through 30+ wears please chime in.I have (7) 200 tc shirts and all have been worn 2-3 times. Going to take a while for me to report back on durability.
I would also vote / request clearing posts from prior years. I basically keep this thread open all day. More work for me to check 4-5 threads a day.
got my 11D list and 11.5C...still waiting on my 10.5D and 11C lists----hurry it up TSM!
This is a close call in my opinion but you have a ton of options. I had a pair with similar issues and talked to Alden. They offered to re-dye the shoes. I'm going to wait for recrafting and have it taken care of. Here are your options:1. Keep as-is and wait for recrafting. These spots will not look as significant with a bit of wear. Maybe they will fade into patina and you won't need a re-dye.2. Ask TSM for a discount. Some people on here will discourage this, but IMO...
Yeah, never good to see someone go out to business but it may not be a financial decision - can't speculate.Edited original post to correct spelling.
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