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if they are firsts, you wont be able to add exotics to your cart- that likely means they are in stock. You should call if you are interested.
Could it be that you just saw them take delivery of their already posted seconds at the Norwalk store? Ed told me they were going to get the shipment in today (Tuesday).
Apologies. I should be more specific. I'm looking for a sole with little or no give- meaning when you take a step, you don't bounce back up like with a crepe sole.
Does anyone have a suggestion for a firm sole? I dont like my soles to have a lot of give. How is the camp sole? Very firm?
My streak of no new Aldens has come to an end after a long 6 months. I was thinking I could replicate that effort in 2017; however, recent talk on here about exotic shell has me worried....
Ha, I remember that!
kahuna- Was it the 11D's from Habberdash? If so thanks for passing, ha.
George Boot
Last year the 40%(december) code was not unique. Anyone could use it online. I'm hoping we see another one of those this year.
Yeah looks like some exclusions on this one....unlike the corporate sale 25% that just passed.
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