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If someone goes in and finds out what fabrics are available at this price, please post.
Agree with chipshot that sometimes the classics are what is called for....but thst doesnt mean I don't want a pair in Ravello Alden Color 8 Full Straps today:
Technically not the same- Alden stock model is Hampton last and I believe BBxAlden perf toe is Snap last
Spot on. Those ravello monks are epic.
I saw something a few weeks back advertising 25% corporate sale and was hoping it wasn't true. The good news is, they seem to always ofter gift cards at a discount so you should be able to do even better than 30% during corporate sales.
Nice. I really like this shoe.
My size, I want them- but I'm not crazy enough to spend $1000+ on a pair of used Aldens.....yet
Whiskey NST
I picked up a pair of these over the summer. Prrtty sure they had bags. I'm going to beat mine up this fall doing yardwork. We'll see how they hold up.
Hope this wasn't posted before: Alden box sighting in Aziz Ansari's Netflix series: Master of None. Figured this board would get a kick out of the screen shot. For what its worth, the show is actually pretty funny. Edited: well, it appears someone posted this on the old thread- sorry for the repost.
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