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Oh, didn't realize anyone else got their soles directly from Alden. I suggested shoe mart because I thought they were the only ones. I've seen Aram's work - it always looks good.
The shoe mart.
Last I checked, the CitiShoes Snuff Indy on Barrie was on sale - so your size may not be available since they are clearing them out.
You forget the purpose of this thread is to enable others to buy more Aldens. Post away.
I would say I agree - perhaps we lost subscribers with the new 2016 thread name? Although I would guess we are posting more this year than 2013 or 2014.2015 seemed like very high volume. Perhaps it was an outlier.
I feel like the exotic shell pricing should be $200 more than color 8/black given the demand if Alden wanted to create a market where supply = demand. Maybe $300 more for exotic boots. However, by keeping the price below what the market is willing to pay- it creates a buzz for a product that is very hard to get as supply is below demand. I've seen people line up two hundred people deep for a cronut because of the buzz and the under supply / over demand. Great for marketing...
I was told she wont make them anytime soon again because the demand isnt there. I asked for exotic full straps or tassel loafer and was told they wont sell as well as a lwb, or a boot- so they use their exotic leather allocation for what sells.
I can never remember brooks lasts- don't count out snap, copley and leydon as possibilities here. Sorry OP- I don't know the answer with any certainty without searching.
Up for sale is a pair of Alden Black Shell Cordovan Straight Tip Balmorals. The model number is 9071 and the size is 11D. These were purchased new from The Shoe Mart as factory seconds. They are in pristine condition and have only been worn a handful of times. Note that in the close-up picture there is a small imperfection towards the outside right of the right shoe. This discoloration is the only thing I could find that is imperfect on these two shoes. I have not...
very good day
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