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I'm wearing my belt now with a suit. It's very nice, thick supple leather with a good lustre to it. Simple silver metal buckle. 3cm wide, which is just right for me - not too slim so it fits weirdly on the waistband, not too wide. I think a wider belt with a different buckle would be more casual. I think the belt is appropriate for a suit, without being "dressy: (slim, shiny, fancy or brushed metal buckle).
Well, based on the advice here and elsewhere, I've just ordered a belt from Narragansett Leathers. They're taking a beak right now, so it will be a few weeks. I'll report back when it arrives.
I want to find a high quality black dress belt. It will be my main black belt for appropriate work suits and occasions. I want this to be a good belt for years to come. I don't want any embellishments, like stitching or patterned leather. I want a shiny silver-colored buckle (plated brass?) but as simple a one as possible. No brushed metal, no extra patterns or branding. I would really prefer not to just get a branded one from a department store. I would prefer a thicker...
Great job! Very nice indeed. If you wanted to cheat a little, you could start with a ready-made trunk such as this for just over $100: (actually it would be cheating a lot - that is pressboard covered with vinyl)
As I'm sure is quite common, I would like to kick off my SF membership with a thread asking for advice about what to wear to my wedding. First, a bit of background (relevant or not) - I'm an Englishman in my late 30's marrying a lovely LA girl. I'm 6' when I stand up straight, 200lbs (working on reducing that). We live in San Francisco, but we're getting married in Las Vegas, at a golf/country club, because the bride's parents live there, and my family are in the UK, so...
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