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Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah you're either referring to the shorts->pants conversion or the sex-change/skin-wallet conversion. either way, it's a conversion thread. I want to sig that whole post but I don't want to embarrass the poor guy...girl... Oh whatever...
^not sure about the second one but Ervell makes great knits. You have any info on this brand?
Just read some old posts and saw that alot of you guys are fans of Morrissey (or at least the haircut). My girlfriends cousin is the new(ish) keyboardist for Morrissey. He helped write a good chunk of the new album, pretty cool dude.
^ That is pretty sweet! Nylon, down filled, flannel lined? Im sweating just looking at it.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet apc thread is so painful to look at too Yea this is a shame since every once in a while A.P.C. puts out something nice that isn't jeans = / I just don't get it, size down 2 FFS
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol no, i just can't pay my full invoice yet haha i "lol'd" because i can't imagine what he must mean asking about the "quality" of that ring; people often ask about the quality of an item here without really knowing what or why they're asking Yea I see what you are saying. I don't know too much about silver or jewelry to be of much help anyway Just talked to the GF, she said its nice since it doesn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by skitlets Was gonna get ring for gf too. How's the quality? I think its pretty good, I haven't owned many rings or anything but I like it a good bit. I sized it my self by squeezing it to my finger and it worked pretty well. Its cool since they are handmade there are slight differences in each. Hers was made by Tee Mace and mine was by H Mace if that matters. Why lol uncontrol? I was also interested in seeing...
Mine actually fit a little big, but it looks good in the slouchy ervell top kinda way. I think a smaller size would have been to short/tight on me. Did you get yours from the sale on his website? I saw you posted that free shipping code for it about an hour after I ordered
Not sure if this is considered epicurean enough for this thread, ive heard it mentioned but no pictures yet. Sorry the first has to be from my Iphone The winter version in baby alpaca. Wasn't sure on sizing so I got a size up, fits well in a slouchy kinda way but not too big. Kinda how it fits the model on Ervell's Website. Ridiculously soft and warm.
Hey guys, first post, sorry for the crappy Iphone pictures Got the ring about a month ago, along with one for the GF, but I figured it was recent enough.
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