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Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six That is over the top even for McQueen. Most dramatic epicurean knit evar? PS Don't kop jack me if that's what you were thinking. Just bought presents for everybody for christmas =P I couldn't afford to if I wanted lol. You guys really think its that ugly? I personally like it, Idk if or how id wear it, but its pretty sweet. And im not real great on the timelines of this stuff but I think McQueen died...
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Holy fuck do I ever want this. Can't believe I missed it at 360... Wonder if it'll show up again somewhere. EDIT: SSense has it. Bookmarked. I was on SSense looking for that and I found this I want to sell my car for this thing, can't believe I hadn't seen it before
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus bob vila would be pretty popular in the jcrew thread Or the Lands End thread, Cause im pretty sure Bob Villa actually shops at sears for clothing.
Those are all really nice. Are the last pair of common projects to the right achilles highs? And how do you like Repetto shoes?
This pair by Tom Ford sound like they will be nice. But I agree with Mac, Carpe Diem makes some nice denim too
Good Pricing Info here
The last four posts look like quality... And the last three posts could have been in one The "wingtips" are especially
Hey Mellow, where are those lined trousers from? Awesome fit Good resource for apc jean sizing here
Synth is that the Ervell copper oxide shirt?
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