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I followed your thread last year desperately =( I've just resigned to the same fact I think you did, they are gunna have to be kinda ugly or ill just have to wear my nicer shoes out
Quote: Originally Posted by Rohan College student here... I'm in need of some black footwear but can't decide if I should buy with sneakers or a cheap pair of boots. I really like the idea of having a good looking pair of black boots but can't really see myself wearing them all that often to class/around campus, whereas sneakers I'd wear much more. Any help/recommendations? I am a college student and i wear black boots all the time. ...
While I agree that it is expensive and I wouldn't buy it at that price. I don't think the price of many garments we buy is directly correlated to the labor + materials that go into them. That and I don't know if there is a special technique to do it, but I can't imagine knitting a skull pattern is easy lol. Its like those Tom Ford jeans arguement. No they aren't directly worth $990 dollars, but people will buy them at that price
Suprised Macuser hasn't gotten here yet, its his favorite brand Carpe Diem!
Quote: Originally Posted by irbe Hi Xander, was it necessary to make a new thread for this? I literally lol'd
Quote: Originally Posted by softy that sucks. was it this guy? ^ you should know you can't get sexy lingerie for $0.99 And apparently cosplay costumes
Quote: Originally Posted by APK The W+H boots have the angled toes, too. It's just something that goes away with wear. I thought I heard some where that this comes from the distressing process, they tie the boots up into what is basically a ball by bending the toes up and smashing the upper down and tying the laces around them before they throw them in a washer to be "distressed." Can anyone confirm this?
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb This is your first attempt at being funny that has succeeded. I disagree. Anyway if I were him I wouldn't take criticism from someone named clarksdb or someone who regularly posts in the clarks thread. As a connoisseur of fine tastes I would think he would be above that
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