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I haven't bought anything since June NCC is easy when you don't have any money
I need some decent cheap basics and I have no access to a uniqlo, #firstworldproblems
Ill have to read more about him (on sz =P they have such better catalogs of designers work and some form of organization to it all) I mostly go over there to read about YY, Ann, and CDG stuff.I thought of posting mine in there, but I think if I posted a picture of me wearing them and it was oriented correctly people would get motion sick.Actually this has me thinking, why doesn't styleforum have more threads devoted to single designers, design houses, collections, etc. ...
I couldn't fit into the extra slim shirts in my size, the chest was too small on the sizes that fit my shoulders, which then looked really funny since the waist was kinda blousy. I may just be a regular slim shirt in BBMay be the photo, but the head size to shoe size ratio there is a bit 1:1I like his ideas on being healthy and getting into shape, but other than that idk much about his philosophy other than what I have read on here. I've never watched a rick show and...
I like the scarf (I thought it was the WM one on context... I need to look at patterns better), Im not against the down vest for its functionality, I like the look overall.I know the girth measurement of multiple parts of my body (trolololol) , skinfold measurements, anthropometry, body fat percentage (using multiple methods), VO2 max, BMR, and my lactate threshold! Granted I'm an Athletic Training student. Even if I wasn't I would want to know many of these to make sure...
Thanks guys, Noobizor ill look into those!
Yea, maybe chunky is a better word? Something signifying less sleek, I can't think of it right now. I don't mean this as a bad thing, just is a consideration when wearing them. I think asobu/zissou/etc have worn chunky boots well (Redwing GTs to be exact)Is Never Let Me Go worth a read if Im a busy dude with not much time to read? or should I look for something better to spend my time?
I've seen this guy the couple of times I've been on TFS. What's the deal with the mask? I saw him wearing a shirt he "made" that had the Chanel logo plastered all over it. I get some pretty out there stuff, but I guess I just don't get it. Girlfriend gets a good laugh every time he posts though, she is on TFS a lot more than me.I agree completely, my boots are on the Leydon. I have a pair of redwing GTs and thats basically what the barrie last looks like, blobby and...
Win Butler in the first picture
Actually someone reopened their store. They don't sell Nettleton's shoes anymore, just other companies shoes. They have a pretty great selection of Alden, Florsheim by Duckie Brown, etc. Pretty nice place to stop if you are in the Pittsburg area, and its right across from a nice little bakery in Market Square.
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