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I was actually thinking about a pair of theseAlso Uncontrol mentioned leather converse as being a great budget sneaker, I have to agreeIm really starting to hate chinos too =( Its all anywhere sells anymore when it comes to pants and they are all the same (boring)
I got the shirt I have from APC for 80 dollars... Its pretty affordable on sale
Yea, I guess they could be but Im really not into the whole americana aesthetic. I really want some pants that would go well with a mandarin collar shirt and a pair of CPs... something kinda loose in the thigh but tapered to the ankle. Also APC is sold in alot of "midlevel" stores, and its prices aren't too bad on sale.
I agree with all this stuff, except I really hate LEC. Seems really poor quality to me and I hate the americana look to everything. That and I like avoiding going into a sears for a multitude of reasons.Id like more mid market brands to be posted too, R&B, APC, and all of those other acronymsAnd the "buy less but better" is why I started this thread. Id rather save up and buy nicer things, but when I need some cheap shit to fill in my wardrobe till the nice stuff comes,...
And to get this thing started, I need a recommendation for some nice pants. I don't have easy access to a uniqlo (suddenlee proxy is my best bet) so im pretty open to suggestions. I have one pair of APCs that I basically wear every day and Id like something to switch in with them.
The purpose of this thread is to discuss things that are inexpensive, but at the same time don't suck. There is a lot of cheap shitty garbage floating around out there, and this is NOT the place to discuss that stuff. This is for clothing that goes well with designer clothing, not that detracts from it. The idea here is more focused toward good deals rather than just cheap stuff. If you are looking for filler pieces, cost-effective work clothes, or stuff that you...
Im going to start the Affordable Swag Thread, Lets move this conversation there so we don't mess up RP =P
Yea this is true, but I think that stems from the problem that no one with good taste ever culls the thread and puts it into perspective. Its not like there are a ton of nice non expensive sneakers, but I don't exactly think some forum favorites like
This becomes a problem too, Im a pretty broke college student, and 90% of my money has to go to bills/books/food. But when something decent does come along like the non baller sneaker thread it gets shit up. I just hate that anything that isn't "baller" anymore gets put down because of the labels. Mellow is one of my favorite posters, but you will notice he rarely posts the brands of stuff because oftentimes its stuff from uniqlo etc.
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