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I've had two theories on this1. They don't think there is enough demand outside of the "fashionable cities" for them, so they are hesitant until there is more demand outside of their big consumer base2. Its more of a logistics and stock related thing. They need some central shipping location or a warehouse filled with stock to ship from, if they just shipped from the stores stock it would create a logistical mess.But yea I agree completely, I'm just afraid once this...
Lol Im guessing Pittsburg won't be getting one any time soon...This is good too, Ill add this to the first post!I agree 100%
Ok I need some uniqlo sizing advice I have unfortunately never bought from uniqlo and the closest one to me is a bit of a drive (4 hours?) so here's what I've got For shirts: 42 inch chest (may be increasing soon) 36 inch waist 14 inch arm measurement I wear a medium in Jcrew, gap, and a large in APC Idk if id be a large or an XL For pants 37 inches at my natural hips 24 inch thighs 33 inch inseam I wear a 33 in APC new standards which are sized down three...
Ive actually found that gap has toned down the americana a bit, Im happy to have found Suddenlee to proxy some uniqlo though. Looks like my next step is to research what size I would be in uniqlo (im thinking XL if that will even fit) Off to the uniqlo thread for me!This is pretty much what I had hoped for for this thread, not anything too serious, and not anything too geared toward one aesthetic! hopefully I can keep things from getting too ugly up in here!
This gives me hope for the Alt A shirts then notwithit, I never thought being tall and in shape would make finding clothes even harder =P
Gap fits me pretty well actually... Im 6'0 and 208 (10-11% body fat depending on the day) So id say the work for guys who are pretty athletic... maybe not for skinny people though (unless then again you are looking for a slouchy fit...) And gap is the brand you choose for sucky material to comment on? in a thread about cheap clothes for beaters? that includes H&M I've had a gap button down that I wear once a week, I have for the past 4 years...Not a very useful post...
I was basing this off uniqlo/+j/gap pricing too, Im just not sure what to set as a price I think I got my last two coats for all under 100 dollars, one from gap and one from martin+osa when it was still in business, these were on sale though. Any suggestions?
I was wondering how this worked, from what i've been reading seems like a pretty good service as long as you aren't buying say a single item. Does the service fee scale if you buy more items or from different stores?
I was thinking of Levi's as well for a pair of black jeans, Fuuma had said he had a pair of (511?) that he really liked. I don't mind the inclusion of midrange stuff, but I agree maybe thats not for this thread. So maybe well just see where it goes? arguing about prices etc could be a good thing Also RFX, any ideas on non chino pants?
I agree, but Idk what that would be, Id be more than happy to set one in the first post or the title of the thread (If that can be changed)Id say 150 dollars for outerwear/shoesUnder 100 for shirts/pants/sweaters?? any other ideasAlsoCan be found for pretty cheap, still only 95$? full price
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