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Very cool, thanks for the help MoK!
Ive heard decent things about Warby Parker for eyewear. Their older frames are a little better looking imho, but still some cool ones.
Yea I have a weird lower half, has made me consider the all YY look =p easy to find pants that fit. I hate to say but Its more of a posterior issue...
Holy Hell I leave for a few hours for a nice dinner and come back to this! This is why we can't have nice things!This is EXACTLY where I wanted this thread to go, something that took not so expensive pieces and used them in a fun and interesting way. I really would like more posts like these! Here is proof that "non baller" can still look pretty awesome when used correctly.This seemed like a lot of blah blah blah to me but then I got to the bolded parts and immediately...
Yea I agree completely, thats kinda the purpose of this thread, or to supplement a designer/high end wardrobe well, In no way should it be used to solely build a wardrobe, that would pretty much defeat the purpose of this forum :P
As long as it fits the bill (good quality, affordable, not ugly) I don't see why notI guess i have the same problems, Im a pretty big dude (although I work with a football team pretty frequently so I feel like I'm not). I have a few of those cheapo calvin klein t shirts too, they are actually rather nice, have held up better than any of the other t shirts I have, no branding. They are kinda that gross yellow now though so I use them to work out/hang around in.
Empowerhouse by Parsons New School for Design Im fascinated by smaller houses (under 1000 square feet.) Watershed by the UMD team for the solar decathalon And a view of the inside
Oops! I do have to say Razele was the idea man behind this! I jacked it down to the name =P Looking forward to your posts!
This is greatI hate to say it, but jcrew oxfords in the more subdued colors are pretty nice, They fit me well and don't have any logos or gaudy details. Fit pretty slim sized down one and can be had cheap.Gap Thermals are also pretty good, at least the ones I got a year or so ago. They fit me (yet again athletic build) pretty slim, and are long enough pretty much everywhere they need to be.Gap T shirts are alot like H&M t shirts, they get drapey and the neck stretches...
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