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Dior Homme Napolean Jacket only 42 grand on ebay! Link
It could be they rehired socal...
Well then my friend! you have come to the right place
Yea I think the socks and the belt create a visual break in the outfit, which is in this case bad, all the shades here don't need a light contrast
I never said the top fit was bad =P My big thing is the shoes Also Im more into mixing cheaper pieces into outfits that do have some nice stuff too. Although I think its possible to be pretty good looking with only affordable stuff, its going to be a hell of a lot harder to do than with a few nice pieces mixed in. Somebody post a fit with affordable shoes and impress me!
That celine coat is great, but that girl looks like she has some kind of tibial torsion
I think there are some factors that make the second fit a bit better than the first (shoes being a big contributor to this), There was some kid that posted the other day in WAYWT that looked like hot garbage and was wearing all mall brands, but this looks great for the relative cost of the items.I really don't like the color of those chucks though =P looks too much like skin for me
Tadao Ando Church of Light
Yea I agree, not a very helpful post =PI like it, Id like to see it without your hands in your pockets. If the pants are as voluminous without your hands in the pockets the cinch at the bottom of the jacket makes it look like you just have a really low waist. Or some form of double stacked torso (no offense if you secretly have two torsos)
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