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Certainly understand your annoyance, but he may have thrown it on eBay and been quite surprised by the price it went for. eBay is so unpredictable, as I know from nine years as a seller. Should have shot his own damned pictures, though!
Maybe it didn't fit, and rather than return it, he just decided to sell it and hope for the best.
Spectacular and mint--except for one small (and easily remedied) flaw: Kiton Napoli sportcoat 100% Cashmere. Marked size 58/48 R. Photos can't really show the depth of colors, which are gray-green, gold, and a kind of burnt-orange/coral. Lightweight and supple, for spring, summer and into fall. Shoulders only lightly padded. Possibly NWOT; there's certainly no sign of wear. No way to know for sure. Plus, there's a stiff inside top/center tag--with "100% cashmere"...
Just saw these on eBay...and my size...hmmmm....
But the color looks like a rather elegant blue-grey on my monitor, so I'm unclear about the problem...pair it with charcoal slacks.
My brother is out of town on a business trip, and was using some free time today to thrift. He called, breathless with adrenalin: "I'm in the dressing room, it fits perfectly!" "What?" "A bespoke H Huntsman 3-piece suit!" Details: super condition, charcoal flannel, single-breasted, dated 1983. Unvented, interestingly. Also, except for a zippered interior waist band security pocket, no pockets at all on the cuffed flat-front pants. Also, eight Turnbull & Asser...
Nice of you to share your viruses with the shopping public.
I was being a bit silly; it would indeed say mohair on the fabric contents tag, if there is one. Mohair hasn't been terribly fashionable for several decades.
They could be mohair,
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