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Anyone have p2p and s2s measurements for a Rugby OCBD in size S?
Quote: Originally Posted by mcbrown [[SPOILER]] I eventually found this brand of t-shirts, and they did the job nicely. [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Yea that's what I need. Integrating FTW TI-89 makes life easier.
[[SPOILER]] Awesome Slack, killing it again.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson My Dad loves it. People tend to get WAY into it, though, so if you do it make sure you are willing to give up Saturday afternoons every week to your new obsession. Now I'm enjoying a Black Oak Arkansas from Kuma's Corner and a Brooklyn Local 2. Not quite every week... but it ends up getting close. I generally try to keep 2 beers going, one in primary, one in secondary... This ususally means brewing...
AmA Tri-Blend Crew, Medium, Post Wash Length: 29" (Shoulder to Hem) S2S: 16.5" P2P: 19" Hem: 19" Sleeve: 7.5" Sleeve Opening:6.75"
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane yah, it did but it was smoothed out eventually. Same with Galaxies...I don't even remember how many times the server crashed in the early days. Was so unstable. Even WoW was turbulent in the beginning. also, no offense to abraxis, but what does "best MMO player" even translate to, nowadays? there is hardly any skill involved in any of them. They are all built upon simple time-consumption. Competative WoW...
Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel Right now- I'm in the Bahamas, so no but normally like 2 hours away. It takes you 2 hours to go from MKE to Madison? Step your game up, haha
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby I ordered the 33s on a whim. If they don't work for me, I'll return them to the board at cost. I'm interested in the 33's, PM me if they don't work
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