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Quote: Originally Posted by Chico2007 The PS and belt I could live without, everything else is That fit is dowloaded into my "fitstoemulate" folder. Fresh morning,fresh guy, color combinatin is good i like it.
It depends on your age, but a suit set is always safe. i always feel safe and good in suit!
Quote: Originally Posted by flix Good Morning Guys, this may seem like a stupid question, but I really like to know how you do it. It's winter, so I need to stay warm outside. Even with a suit of course. So I am wearing a suit and a coat + a scarf. But what are you wearing to keep your ears and head warm? A hat could be good, but only for the head, not for the ears, right? The next thing are my shoes. They are nice for every "indoor weather"....
Quote: Originally Posted by RangerP I would just like to get a few ideas as to where I can order inexpensive 100% Wool or 100% Cotton ties. (NO SILK) Inexpensive meaning under 50$ Thanks in advance for your suggestions! Edit: Thanks for the suggestions so far... I should have added that it should be available online. I only wear my cotton ties in spring and summer, but they are often of a more summery design. It's nice to be able to...
Search in All Products, whatever it is, specify your requirement You can get everything here for very lowest prices, so competitive prices are here.
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