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I have three pairs of US size 10D shoes for sale. Each has been worn between five and ten times. I will sell all three for $225, including USPS shipping. Alternatively the individual asking price is listed below. Continental US and Paypal offers only please. All offers will be entertained. SOLD ALLEN EDMONDS NEUMOK BLUE WINGTIP retail price $275 Asking price of $75 plus $10 for USPS shipping US Size 10D Wingtip balmoral shoes with brogue Unlined leather upper Butyl...
I currently sit on two boards, and in both circumstances I was recommended as a candidate by someone that leads an industry think-tank type organization. I would recommend thinking about which industries could benefit from your trade-skills and then attend or speak at conferences and trade shows that target that industry. Don't miss the conference cocktail parties. It may take a year or two before the right person recognizes you as a great candidate, but given your...
I wear a 10D in the Park Avenue, and I wear a 43 for Sutor. I would imagine you would wear a 42 if you are a 9 in the Park Ave.
I generally agree with Quadcammer. Dress like any respectable entry level professional until you are directly responsible for bringing in new clients for your bank. If there is an associate or vice preisdent that is well respected by the senior bankers, study that individual's attire. Once you have a book of business, wear whatever you are comfortable in that won't offend your clients and your boss. Regarding the discussion about acronyms used in the finance world, drop...
+1...ditch the tie bar with this tie. I'd probably scale back on the amount of red in the pocket square, but I tend to dress a bit on the conservative side. The shoe and pants combo look nice with the color of the jacket.
As others here have pointed out, a brogued oxford, like a blue/navy or brown wingtip, would be fine with odd trousers or well cut, darkly colored jeans. A black whole it could possibly pass, too. Balmoral captoes would be too formal IMO for anything but a suit.
Amen, brother. Amen!
I like the color combination of yellow against a light blue shirt, and I think your combo looks great. It's a bold, cheerful pairing.
Pictures would help with the assessment.
+1 on Castangia. I am wearing one right now.
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