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A friend of mine told me that "brown is only worn by farmers and rednecks, white trash, peckerwoods, hillbillies, and hicks". Should i believe him?
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....me=WD1V For me it is fake because = 1) Dunhill doesn't produce in Germany (at least i have never heard about such a situation) 2) This guy is selling always the same models, X times (so he had at least 10 of each) 3) I have never seen most of thes models anywhere else 4) We don't see any box or card from Dunhill May be we should inform Dunhill about that?
Quote: It is eaiser to make a fused collar then a non fused. Carl Not true. It is easier to make a bad fused collar. I have heard that a good fised collar was slightly more difficult to make than a non fused.
Quote: So what did you pick Ernest?  We all know it wasn't work.  Beg doesn't have any votes.  So would you steal, kill, f*ck or all three? I could Beg (not dangereous) Fuck (but not with anyone and anywhere) Steal (can be dangerous, i could do it to companies, not to people) Kill = too dangereous for money because you let some clue with the money Work = ok but for a correct salary only
Untill they realize thay can not win anything but beatings .
You need to have 50 ties at least if you dont want to use them. Just cut the threads or put them back in the fabric.
Quote: I ran into it on accident last year up on Capitol Hill, Seattle's "gay area". After that, I learned my lesson and completely avoided the Hill today and I will again tomorrow. Let's just say that it seems some participants consider it a day to let it all hang out ( ), and it's really obnoxious. I have no problem with them being gay or being proud, but their being naked is where I must draw the line. Plus the parade makes a huge mess of the place and makes...
Quote: Quote: (ernest @ June 24 2005,19:34) Quote: Originally Posted by topcatny,June 24 2005,19:01 Quote: Originally Posted by YMark,June 24 2005,12:45 Quote: Originally Posted by ernest,June 24 2005,09:54 Quote: Originally Posted by topcatny,June 24 2005,17:39 They are toggle backed Poor you... Ernest, do you ever take a day off from being an...
Quote: Quote: (Fabienne @ June 24 2005,07:58) Non, non, non.  Something more like foie gras poêllé aux figues, chaud-froid de truite, faisan aux pommes, Koulibiac, salade, fromages, savarin, nougat glacé, armagnac, a Meursault, a Chambolle-Musigny, a Montbasillac, a Bandol. If I feel merciful, he gets a trou normand between the two main dishes. If you could change the carte to Jambon Persille', Turbot roti en croute avec mouselline...
Quote: I'm slowing down with my cufflink purchasing. I only bought 10 pairs this past month. Aren't you fed up with cufflinks? How did you start collecting them? What happened?
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