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Quote: Ernest - the reason your check had so much taken out in taxes is because while you were working there were a lot of able-bodied people in your country who would rather collect the dole as opposed to getting off thier ass and getting a job.  See, at 3% unemployment that system works, at 9% unemployment the people who actually are working get killed on taxes to fund the lazy. The problem is not taxes but the level of the salary.
Quote: Quote: (ernest @ July 02 2005,08:12) But now, i have a new problem = i haven't work for a long time and this doesn't sound good when you send a CV. And that just occurred to you? i was working in a back office and my contract ended
So only 13% of people have more cufflinks than i do and we are on a style forum. So i imagine that in the whole population (we add 80% of rednecks and fermers) i must be in the upper 1%.
So the Grenson were just a joke?
Quote: Over 300 shirts:  75+ Brioni                         50+ Kiton                         25+ Borrelli                         25+ Lorenzini                         10+ Loro Piana                          10+ Gucci                          25+ Zegna                          plus several each of just about every brand mentioned (e.g., 10+ linen Banana Republic ones,...
Quote: Quote: (ernest @ June 30 2005,15:00) At least 2 000 euros per month. I could have worked for less but i refused. May be it was a mistake... I could work for any intelligent person who pays. Before or after tax? That's not too high a bar -- surely someone of your talents could find employment with sufficient remuneration? What taxes? You meant social security, unemployment, retirement? Yes. after. In my pocket ate...
Quote: What skills do you have, ernest? All
Quote: Why the hell would you want to do that, ernest? Puma is also a little too common and pedestrian. Since you like British designers so much, why not try Gola? I have never heard about this brand. Can i found some itmes at 30 euros? I hate designers...
Quote: Quote: (ernest @ June 30 2005,17:34) I picked up 2 more pairs of these sneakers so i have 4 times the same pair ..................... Where are you going to wear them? In the street
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