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If you buy on ebay, only buy when you can meet the seller and see the watch.
Quote: My name is Mathieu and I am a geek. But I am not the only one here (I have names), we have (married) PhD geeks, spreadsheet geeks, Ernest, etc. So I thought we could share our perversions and see who rules supreme. Am i a geek? A braces and cufflinks geek so.
Anarchy in UK?
Quote: Do you go to a barbershop or a frou-frou salon? I go to the latter, namely Avant, one of the Top 10 salons in the country and certainly the best one in town. In my bathroom.
Quote: Hope everyone is okay... Now, can we please apprehend or, better yet, kill all of the perpetrators of these crimes. I am innocent despite the fact we lost the OG .
I am innocent
Quote: I don't do drugs anymore. They make me boring and dumb. Because you aren't like that?
I have never taken anything. I never drink alcoohol ( never tasted wine, tasted a sip of beer and drunk once a glass of "eau de vie" ) Legal or not it doesn't change anything. Alcohol is a VERY dangerous drugs and kills more people and makes more unhappy people than all illegal together.
Quote: The study did not measure the penises when they were erect. What is the point in the size of a penis when you pee?
Quote: Quote: (ernest @ July 03 2005,07:22) Quote: Originally Posted by scnupe7,July 02 2005,16:44 Quote: Originally Posted by ernest,July 02 2005,08:12 But now, i have a new problem = i haven't work for a long time and this doesn't sound good when you send a CV. And that just occurred to you? i was working in a back office and my contract ended What were you doing in the back...
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