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Hi, I am looking to purchase a smart casual / semi dress leather shoe mainly to wear with jeans. I recently tried on a pair of Wolverine 1000 Linden Heritage which would have been perfect, but I can't get them in my size. Stock is limited in Australia I love! the semi dress boot by Whites but I want something lighter on my feet than a full boot so have opted for a shoe. Can people please comment if Whites Retro oxford would suit and post some pictures please? Or any...
Where can I buy a pair of Wolverine 1000 mile shoes Linden Heritage in size 8? OR suggestion for an alternative similar style shoe?
Quote: Originally Posted by bl@ster White's need more breaking in while 1000 Mile are more comfortable right out of the box. Once broken in, both are comfortable. Watch out for the arch on the White's though, it's very high. Consider having the heel lowered by 1/4". Made a huge difference for me. How long did it take you to break the white's in?
I was hoping to hear from anybody who has both of these boots and can comment on which one of these 2 boots are more comfortable to wear? And which are less casual looking? Its hard to tell just looking at photos on net
Can anybody comment on which is more confortable boot between whites semi dress v wolverine 1000 mile?
.... Also how heavy is the bag please?
For some reason I can not view these photos. Any chance can you email them to me?
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