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I've had my Momotaro vintage label for about a year and a half, 2 washes... Pocket bags are falling apart, threading throughout the denim is coming loose had to re stitch both back pockets on, pink thread on inside of leg is coming out... super disappointed for only being 1 1/2 years old. I hate to say I'll most likely stay away from momo next time =/
I got a pair of these a while back, I only wore them for about 2 months, and switched back to my 0701 vintage label for now(I REALLY like the vintage label that I have) But I had the same thing with size 30, I could button them up but they were tight. Around a month 1/2 later they were good. So I would recommend keeping them, If you like the rest of the measurements.
If your jeans haven't sold yet. i'll give you 80$.
Few pics of vintage label 0701, hope you enjoy. sorry about the terrible quality photos.
Ive been wearing them pretty much everyday, besides while i'm at work. And yeah the color has changed a ton, The pictures I posted look a lot different with better light/outside.
badass outfit.
Now what would that solve?
Yeah, normally wear my boots, but its too damn hot.
Tis true.
I'm really digging the sweatshirt and haircut.
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