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Isn't that a bit overpriced?
I'm thinking something like this:http://www.jpressonline.com/images/products/outerwear/jackets/popup/H1_RC_JA22T_b.jpg
Okay, then give me some advice on a qualitative sport coat in navy in either wool and/or tweed?
It's pretty rainy yeah. Can't decide on what I should get, I already have a wool peacoat for the winter. What I need is something I can wear between summer and winter. It has to be something between formal and casual and it has to cost a maximum of $600. I'm thinking a tweed sport coat in navy! ...or the beige or navy trench.
Which one is the most versatile to use as outerwear before the winter make a visit?
Hi! I'm looking for a clean-looking mid-weight raincoat/trenchcoat for the upcoming fall. Budget: $600 Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog Barbas are marginally roomier in the chest. Ok, what about arms and waist?
Hows Barba slim fit compared to lets say the BB extra slim fit? I just ordered a Barba slim fit shirt in 14.5 from Shop the finest and usually I have the same size in BB extra slim fit.
I've decided to buy myself a trench. It has to be either french blue/navy or beige (which one is most versatile?). I am thinking about getting a Burberry like this one: http://us.burberry.com/store/menswea...n-trench-coat/ Is there any other brands I need to be aware of before deciding on a trench from Burberry? How is Burberry quality-wise compared to other brands? My budget: $800
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.P I wear size small, and I had to have darts put on the shirts. Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Fit is a better fit for me. Hows arms compared to custom fit?
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