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I'm unable to find any pictures or even info about the upcoming collection from the british brand. Does anyone know anything yet?
Alright, thanks for the input!I also looked at Norman Hilton, but they haven't released the F/W-collection yet. Around $600.
I don't now anything about their sport coats? Does the quality stand out compared to their other stuff?
Isn't that a bit overpriced?
I'm thinking something like this:
Okay, then give me some advice on a qualitative sport coat in navy in either wool and/or tweed?
It's pretty rainy yeah. Can't decide on what I should get, I already have a wool peacoat for the winter. What I need is something I can wear between summer and winter. It has to be something between formal and casual and it has to cost a maximum of $600. I'm thinking a tweed sport coat in navy! ...or the beige or navy trench.
Which one is the most versatile to use as outerwear before the winter make a visit?
Hi! I'm looking for a clean-looking mid-weight raincoat/trenchcoat for the upcoming fall. Budget: $600 Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog Barbas are marginally roomier in the chest. Ok, what about arms and waist?
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