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Should add that I'm also 5" 9. 175 pounds, athletic built. 31" in waist
How is BB sweaters in sizing compared to lets say RL classic fit? I believe BB runs smaller but can someone with some experience tell me otherwise? Thank you for the help!
Thank you, do you know how RL sweaters are in comparison? Small in RL classic fit fits me well.
Hi everyone, I am planning to order some sweaters from but are wondering about sizing. I am wearing 15" 34 arm length in their Extra slim fit shirts. I am thinking Small or Medium but can't decide. Please help me!
Hi there, Could you guys help me choose between these two blazer?? I will pair either of them up with a pair of chinos and maybe a pair of suede loafers.... so it need to be dress casual..maybe more on the casual side... or something like that. Which one do you prefer? And what do you know about the brands? Seems to be decent quality though..
Hey, I've been looking a while for a linen blazer in price range USD 100-150. I would like it to be light grey or beige. Nothing too fancy, something to wear casually during summertime and to match up with any kind of chinos or jeans. Got any suggestions? Would help a lot! Thanks!
Hi! I would like to buy a iPad 2 wifi white 16 gb to be shipped to Sweden. Please write below if you got something you want to sell... Kind regards,
Why is the most wanted things always the hardest to get?
Hi there! I'm searching for a navy quilted jacket with brown elbow patches. Any suggestions? Thanks...
Hi! I need your help guys! I'm desperate for at grey herringbone sport coat. I don't want it to be charcoal grey, but a more vintage take on it would be nice. Brown elbow patches would be nice too but that's only a plus. What do you have to say about J.Crew Sport coats? Thanks...
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