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I have done som reading in the already existing threads and get that it's bit of a confusion about sizing for the RRL jeans. I am in the progress of ordering a pair but have no idea what size to order. Have mailed rl customer service and asked for measurements for the slim fit jeans cuz that is what I am interested in. I usually wear 31/32 in slim fitting jeans, for example APC New Standard. Thank you!
Just ordered the 'Wallace & Barnes Slim Jean in Rinse Wash' and I must say I am excited to see how they look and feel in reality. Anyone who owns a pair or anything else from the line? Quality? I got them for half the retail price!
Seems to be offline most of the time...
Hi guys, I recently bought the urban slim fit in size 30/32 and it fit slightly too tight on me. Now Im looking toward jeans and the slim-straight fit by J Crew, and I am unsure if I should go for the 30/32 or 31/32, what do u think? I would still like it to fit slim but I am also a bit bigger round waist and thighs. Anyone with experience from both?
I have another question. I have a pair of chinos in Jcrew Urban slim fit 30/32 and they are a tad too slim. How will the 484 fit me in 31/32 you think?
Hi, I have recently bought a pair of chinos in the BB Milano fit and like it quite well except I would like it to be a tad slimmer around legs. Then I looked towards the RL suffield pant and are wondering which one of these fit the slimmest? Anyone got an idea? Or maybe you can recommend something else with similar fit? Thank you.
Should add that I'm also 5" 9. 175 pounds, athletic built. 31" in waist
How is BB sweaters in sizing compared to lets say RL classic fit? I believe BB runs smaller but can someone with some experience tell me otherwise? Thank you for the help!
Thank you, do you know how RL sweaters are in comparison? Small in RL classic fit fits me well.
Hi everyone, I am planning to order some sweaters from brooksbrothers.com but are wondering about sizing. I am wearing 15" 34 arm length in their Extra slim fit shirts. I am thinking Small or Medium but can't decide. Please help me!
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