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I really liked the meermin one and also the Herring one. Which one is of best quality?
Although over 400, examples on Carmina?
Looking for a sleek pair of black wholecuts without any brouging at all. Will wear them with a tux. Spending budget = $400 Been looking everywear and the shoes I find is nowhere near as sleek as I want them to be. Would need some help here? Suggestions?
I agree those ferragamos are very nice and I should probably look for something similar, but I also have a spending budget on $400. :S
Thank you for your inputs. I too think that there are more options than patent leather to wear with a tuxedo. But I need some inspiration on a pair of sleek whole cuts. I am also looking at these from Sutor: How do you think they will work? Is it too much?
Hi guys Buying a tux and are looking out for a pair of patent shoes - or not?? Is there any alternative to the patent shoes if wearing a tux? I'm thinking a pair of sleek wholcuts maybe? Can I get some examples please? I am pretty much lost..
Thank you. Yes, i mean a tux... I've decided to go MTM, Mabro with narrower lapels than the classics.
I've been looking into different fabrics like Guabello, Loro Piana, Cerruti, Ariston etc. and I've almost found something I like from each one, but can't seem to decide. How would you rank the different makers of fabrics? Loro Piana seems more expensive than the rest, is it worth the extra $$$??
The last one looks good. Too bad Im a 48.
Is this one still for sale?
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