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Even though My AE 9,5D fits a bit on the snug side?
Just ordered the rain last wholecuts in Black , size 9 UK
Can anybody compare the fit of Meermin ama last and the rain last?
8,5 UK you mean?
Thank you!My problem is I need it to be a black wholecut, and the only one I can find is the Rain, although I think i would prefer the Simpson.
Thank you very much! This helps a bit.We're talking calf in the rain last.
What size should I go for if I usually wear US 9,5 in AE?
It is really hard to get an idea here.. Can you compare it to another last by another shoemaker?How are they compared to Meermin Ama last?I am planning to wear it with a tuxedo. Suitable?
Would you describe it as sleek ? I dont understand it says EE width but where Im from EE is pretty wide?
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