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Today: Herringbone Blazer w. brown suede patches: Ljung (Swedish brand) Shirt: Eton Hank: Amanda Christensen Trouser: Tommy Hillfiger Shoes: AE Burgundy brogues
Thank you for the recommendation. Maybe I'll go for Gammarelli. Can anybody compare Gammarelli to Bresciani (I've heard best things about B).
Thanks,Can't see any black mazarin ones though.. :S
Where to buy Bresciani in EU? I'm from Sweden and would like to avoid expensive shipping costs.
Can anybody tell me the reason why the socks should go over the calf?
Hi guys, anyone got suggestions on a pair of socks to wear with tuxedo? I would want them to be in some luxurious fabric with a great feel to it and also I am wondering about if they should go up right beneath the knees or if the should go normal. Hope u understand what I mean by that! I've heard good things about bresciani, falke etc.
BB shirt BB tie Amanda Christensen Hank Tiger of Sweden Navy Blazer Tiger of Sweden Grey wool trousers AE black brogues (Chester)
Thank you for the inputs. I realize that the sleeves are too long (just bought the blazer) and I was a bit doubtful about the trousers too.
Sorry for the somewhat bad photos.
Between Vass and Carmina, who do you put 1st?
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