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I am looking to buy a bit more cheaper document cas/holder. Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius J Crew suits are on a whole lower level than most of the suits discussed on this site. Sometimes you can find a fashion suit that looks good immediately, but I don't think the J Crew suits even look fashionable. Check them out in person and you'll see what I mean. Go with what HarveyBirdman suggested. The thing is I don't think the Milano fit is slim enough. I have a pair BB Milano chinos but what I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS depending on how soon you need it...keep an eye out for a ralph lauren black label in your size here on the B&S. Im really impressed with their fit. There is no rush. Thanks for your advice. Do you guys have any experience with j crew suiting? I'm thinking about the ludlow suit.
Ok, so I have decided on a new navy suit. I have som preferences; for example I need it to be a suit with a trimmer fit and it has to be a solid navy. Some fine italian fabric would be nice too. Although I have a limited budget: $600. What are my best options regarding quality, fit and appearence for something around $600?
Quote: Originally Posted by Antonio Centeno Why not buy the Rugby and have it adjusted by a local tailor? Yea, I could do that. Still not sure about rugby sizing. I have a Small in RL Polo. Same thing for Rugby, anyone who knows... please?
I'm looking to buy a simple brown leather document case. Simple as that. Post below. Thanks. Seller must be willing to ship to Sweden.
Also I would like to hear what you have got to say about thq quality of Rugby stuff?
Hi, Need some opionions on which of these two jackets I should purchase. I think the Rugby one looks slightly better but my main concern is regarding sizing and fitting. I prefer a trimmer fitting and the J.Crew jacket I think has a trimmer fit than the Rugby one. Is the sizing for Rugby the same as for Polo? Rugby: J.Crew:
Quote: Originally Posted by JensenH I thought they went out of business many years ago. Are they back? Well, they atleast had a F/W 2010 Collection. http://www.normanhilton.com/lookbook/
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