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Hi everyone, I am getting married in two weeks and have received my MTM Mabro tux which fits like a glove! Now the only thing missing is a pait of cufflinks. The tux is midnight blue with black peak lapels. I would like the cufflinks to be simple and clean black ones. I have also checked out Tateossian but they are a bit expensive for me. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks!
I'm thinking about ordering a pair of double monks from Meermin in either suede or calf. Which one is more versatile? Suede or calf?
Hi, I am looking for a quality lightweight summer material field jacket to be worn on those sunny days. It has to be either beige or military green. Do you have any suggestions?
Just today I received my new pair of Gammarelli silk socks to wear at my own wedding along with my new Mabro MTM tuxedo. So soft and nice! Now I am in the search of the most luxurious boxers you can think of? It has to be able to breath well. Sweaty balls - not my fav. Feel free...
Casual Friday w. polished shoes.
Is it or is it not?
Blazer: Ljung Tie: Unknown Hank: Amanda Christensen Trousers: Hilfiger Shoes: Black AE brogues
Question. Answers? I'm talking Luciano, Borrelli, Kiton, Zegna etc.
Great tie! Brand?
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