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Quote: Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox 12-14 hours in a suit on a cramped airplane? i dunno... just never thought of doing it ur wearing it backwards!!
Hopingto bench 100kg, at 85kg atm =)
What is the TTS of this shoe?
Looking for some lanvin or CP or similar: black leather, white sole like sq's. Suggestions?
Are the diors TTS?
I hate double cuffs and if theyre thick it just looks butt ugly. Some people dont realise how baggy their samurais are even when cuffed and it's just painful.
Someone recommend me a white or grey henley
Free international shipping at topman for Thursday
Anyone know how a samurai s710 breathes in 30-35 degrees celcius heat?
Where can I cop some Levis 501 STF considering i'm from Australia?
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