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Hi, Just a few months ago I bought an tanned leather jacket which I've hardly worn at all. Recently I started wearing the jacket to Uni as the weathers were starting to get colder. Anyways, some jealous/envious piece of shit low life found the opportunity to draw on the jacket whilst I had my eye turned. And now i'm having to deal with what seems to be (ballpoint) blue ink/pen marks around the jacket in different places. Does anyone know how I can treat this, I checked...
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Nooo, not the pop corn man! Is it "nouveau riche-ness" or "bad taste" ?
What do you guys think about these. Do they look cheap ? Really want a pair of velvet slip on but this one with 'billionaire' written over it seems a bit tacky ? The brand itself looks like a tasteless e.european mafiosos style aswell. Hence the reason why it has 5 boutiques only in Moscow. Apart from that what do you guys think of these? Or can you lead me to any brand that makes similar slip on´s ?
Proven to work in a certain hotelin London! I hit it off with a Irish/Canadian air hostess on a three day stop over in London. We drank downstairs then went 4 floors upstairs. No taxis back home or anything
was there any mention of the worth of the collection ?
I can´t imagine anybody saying no to these ? http://www.jimmychoo.com/view-all/sl.../112sloanecgf/
Your salary, occupation, your environment i.e. neighborhood or campus and finally your social circle regardless of your age will always affect your style.
Quote: Originally Posted by JubeiSpiegel Publicity for SF? I'll brace myself for the upcoming 100 noob threads on how to start a new wardrobe / what to wear to a wedding. And as I noob myself, I promise not to start one +1
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy pocketsquareguy, I was wondering if you knew which brand or where I could find this chaps specific handkerchief? It has the words "Fuck Off" embroidered on it I believe. - May come in quite handy for the moody days I have
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