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If you think that lapel is skinny, you must not have been paying much attention to lapel sizes the past several years. That would be a medium lapel to be worn with 8-9cm ties. As tie width narrow, so do lapels.
Can you recommend a good starter Panama for around $100. Not sure I want to spend $300 for a Panama. A good winter hat, yes.
Thanks for the Brent Black info...I bought a cheap one from J Crew to wear to the beach and about this summer to see how I like it since I'm not used to wearing a hat.
Anyone buy or have any comments regarding Montecristi Panama Hats from this website? Montecristi Panama Hats I'm looking for a starter panama hat for under $100.
Many thanks for the reply and pics. The C&J pic doesn't do them justice, love the green suede. I'm leaning toward the Chocolate brown suede Tetbury because I need them for fall and the 348 last fits me well. Looking at these for next spring.
Anyone seen the Hartland Earth Green Suede Chukka (pic below) in the wild? I need a good comfortable walking boot for travels to wear with jeans or dress pants this fall and was looking at the Tetbury or Milton in chocolate brown suede cause the 348 last fits me well but curious which boot would be the most comfortable for lots of walking? Hartland is on the 359 last.
Please let us know what you find out, I'm curious too.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Was able to get it to work by signing out of my account, deleting cookies and signing back in.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
I was signed in to my account and shipping was to the U.S. and I made it to the payment page where I enter my credit card information. Still included VAT. Must have been a glitch.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Yes, but even with shipping and VAT, the price is lower than any retail price that I've seen in the U.S. I wish I knew that they would deduct VAT and I would go ahead and place an order for the Tetbury. I went all the way to the end where I input my credit card and it still showed the price with VAT.
New Posts  All Forums: