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Thank you! From what I understand, the winter weight is still fairly thin, similar to Pantherella or Falke?
Anyone else have problems with their socks shrinking?
I bought a pair of C&J Monktons in Chestnut and I use Mahogany and Dark Brown. Cognac is also another option. Check out post 6867 on page 458 to get an idea of Saphire's browns.C&J Thread page 458
After seeing John B's fantastic review of the GI-515 vs 12 Repair Kit I was concerned that the 12 Repair Kit that I ordered was too large. Received my 12 Repair Kit in American Cherry last night and I'm extremely pleased with the size, build quality and configuration. I have 6-8 creams, couple waxes, several brushes and suede gear and I would have been disappointed with the smaller GI-515.
@macjedi - you lost me with your selection of Enya.
I couldn't get it to work a couple weeks ago.
You can wear almost anything with that sport coat...great looking BTW. I have one very similar and I really like the look of grossa grenadine in chocolate, burgundy, navy, forest green, burnt orange, purple and gold with and solid blue or blue Bengal stripe shirt.
I ordered mine today in American Cherry.
And who cares, looks great.
Did they tell you why they're selling it as a second?
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