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Anyone use flat shoelaces? If so, where did you buy them? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
2 weeks seems reasonable to me...seems to be the norm for every tailor I've gone to.
I didn't realize there was that large of a step up from C&J main line and handgrade and how they compare to EG. Will have to look closer at the C&J handgrade.
Thanks...thats what I did when I bought some items in London. It was almost not worth the hassle. Did you have to show that the merchandise was still in box and not worn?
Gotcha...I plan on visiting the Blvd Raspail store and have a list of shoes that I want. I was going to buy a pair now so that I can break them in for the trip. Did the C&J store refund the VAT or did you have to mail it in? When I was in Paris last year, I bought a few items at Galeries Lafayette and they deducted via credit card, the VAT at the store.
I can't decide whether to get the chocolate brown suede or dark brown calf...Yes, I plan on visiting a few shoe shops; John Lobb, EG, Carmina and C&J. We're staying in Saint Germain and these shops are within walking distance of our apartment.Other suggestions?
Going to Paris in October for 10 days and need to good shoe for walking that can be paired with jeans as well as wool or flannel pants that are comfortable for walking? The Parisians do not allow athletic shoes in their country and I make it a point to not wear my budweiser t-shirts outside the U.S. I have the C&J Westbourne and Monkton and would like to stay with the 348E last. Currently looking at the Tetbury in dark brown, how comfortable are these for walking a...
Thanks...will look for the chadwick.
Anyone know C&J's name for this single monk? Found this pic on Ben Silver's website and they call it the Chalfront Monk.
Excellent Article Matt!! I enjoy reading about all the history and seeing the old pics of the shops. On Her Majesty's Secret Service was on TV last week and I remember the large Ulster coat worn by Lazenby and the suit lineup worn by the actors. Thanks for the article.
New Posts  All Forums: