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Thanks...completely forgot it was that time of year. Will drop by BB Wednesday.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Thanks...it's been a year since I've been back to BB. I've been trying to stay away from buying clothing since I have shirts in plastic bags that I have even opened yet.
I went to BB yesterday to have a jacket altered and needed a new white button down dress shirt and of course, I bought 3 for 25% off but did not receive my Corporate Membership discount on top of that. I seem to remember that the Corporate Membership could be combined with the 3 for 25% off. Wasn't yesterday corporate membership discount day? I'm I wrong?
I would like to order a few of these but still trying to determine my size, I believe I'm a Tokyo Classic. I normally wear a 16.5/33 and have a 44" chest and 35 waist.
Many thanks...hope they stay!
Wife and I were in Chicago last weekend to see a Cubs game and Pearl Jam concert and we dropped by Optimo to see their offerings. Heard many good things about Optimo and was not disappointed. Beautiful store, fantastic customer service and quality offerings. I ordered an Optimo Trilby style fedora in Heirloom Silver Belly with dark charcoal ribbon and my wife ordered a Heirloom 1000 in shark grey with light grey ribbon. Looking forward to cooler weather. Also picked...
Hello Steve...I see that you have the EG Hove in dark oak, do you have access to other colors? Looking for the Hove in grey or burgundy. Thanks
Thanks...will do!
Traveling to Dublin in a couple months, anyone know of a store that sells C&J? Thanks
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