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I really need some Chukka's. Great shoe Cleav!
Thank You C&J!!
Let me guess...nothing happened?
Same here.
Many thanks!
I've been looking for dark brown dress shoes to no avail. I have these in black and they fit great...maybe I can find the dark brown at their Paris store when I visit in October.
From my experience, the Italian suits are cut a little larger than the US ones.
Retail Brand Alliance or Brooks Brothers Group is owned by Italian billionaire Claudio del Vecchio (son of Luxottica founder Leonardo del Vecchio).
Don't feel bad Robert, I have so many Ledbury shirts that I have to swap them out during fall/winter and spring/summer. I'm currently in the process of swapping out my fall/winter shirts for colorful spring/summer shirts. I'm the opposite of you and prefer the larger spread English collar with my suits but it all depends on lapel and tie width.
Anyone know if BB will be coming out with summer sport coats that are not lined? Saw a couple this weekend but they're the Madison fit. I'm currently looking at these two but wish they were unlined, although the tan jacket is a Brooks Cool jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: