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Yes, the Hove. Here's a better pic.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Will do...thanks.
I couldn't find it in EG's catalog. Going to Paris in October and would like to buy a pair if available.
Saw this pic on Khaki of Carmel's instagram page and curious whether the monk wingtips , 4th from the bottom, are MTO or whether I can purchase from an EG store?
Good to know about the renovateur...I normally apply a coat to get winter grim off and then apply cream.
Bought a pair of Shannon's in dark oak and would like to know what color Saphir cream you guys are using?
Ditto!Thinking about this Green and Purple sport coat
I was thinking one of Skoak's suppliers has a leather that's similar, maybe it was a pebble grain.
Anyone know where to source basketball or football leather like the image below from Leffot's website? Thinking a MTO chukka in baseball leather for next fall.
New Posts  All Forums: