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Bought a pair of Shannon's in dark oak and would like to know what color Saphir cream you guys are using?
Ditto!Thinking about this Green and Purple sport coat
I was thinking one of Skoak's suppliers has a leather that's similar, maybe it was a pebble grain.
Anyone know where to source basketball or football leather like the image below from Leffot's website? Thinking a MTO chukka in baseball leather for next fall.
I took advantage of the Skoak Shannon MTO in April and prefer a Dainite or R1 sole to leather for winter wear. Thinking I may have them resoled for next winter depending on how they wear this year.
Is the R1 sole something that EG could put on the shoe when its time to resole?
Beautiful! Can't wait to receive mine from the EG MTO!
Is there an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the EG Shannon MTO that was placed in April?
New Posts  All Forums: