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Chocolate suede Tetbury's today with jeans.
Carmina String Loafers today.
Thanks...unfortunately Axels is out of stock on my size.
@sevenfoldtieguy thanks for the link to Axels. Are you sizing up a 1/2 size cause of the width? Curious because I normally wear an 8UK. I tried an 8.5UK in Paris and it was a touch long in the toe box.
While in Paris a couple weeks ago, I visited the Ed Green store looking for the Hove wingtip monk which they had in nightshade which is a combination of purple, black and burgundy. Unfortunately, they did not have my size and I did not want to order and have to pay for shipping to the US. Even though I like the nightshade, I want to see what other colors are available. I've seen the Hoven at Khaki's of Carmel in the Dark Oak Antique but I already have the Shannon in...
that's a great deal...I don't need any of these at the moment but that's such a great deal I may buy it anyway. Thanks Churchill
Carmina Snuff Suede Austerity Brogue today. The lights in my office make them look more yellow than brown.
Congrats @shoelover ! I suggest you buy some Saphire Suede Cleaning & Protection Products.
Recommendation...I would never sell mine!
Tetbury boots in chocolate suede
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