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Where are you guys buying replacement laces for dress boots? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Many thanks for the info! As much as I would love to add a hatch grain shoe to my collection, I really like how the Rain last fits.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Really interested in the hatch grain longwing...How does the Detroit last fit...similar to the Rain? I wear an 8UK in the rain.Do you require 50% down or full payment for the MTO?Thanks.
@steveyoo1983 - Great to see you post some MTO's. Your website looks fantastic, great selection and wonderful customer service. I continue to look at the EG Hoven and Carmina whole cut suede loafer but have to pay Christmas bills first.
That's a very valid point! Thanks!
Oh are the man! I live about 10 minutes from AH One Shoes and would rather spend my money locally if possible. Plus, he is located near the butcher shop and a wine store that I visit all the time.
Great info, thanks! I need to be sure to tell them not to polish my shoes. Is the upgrade to Joh Rodenbach soles worth the extra expense?
Do you guys send your shoes back C&J to be resoled or is there a preferred cobbler in the U.S. that you guys trust? Thoughts on B. Nelson? Thanks
Thanks but I'm in Washington DC.
I have a pair of 3 year old Carmina Double Monks on the Inca last that need to be resoled, is B. Nelson still the preferred cobbler on this thread? Thanks
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