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Cool list - I’ve already picked up a whole grip of new music. In no particular order, the albums I’ve been listening to most recently: ROCK(ish) Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha Feist – The Reminder Ingrid Michaelson – Girls and Boys FUNK-SOUL Sharon Jones and the Dap –Kings – 100 days, 100 nights Amy Winehouse – Back to Black ELECTRO Justice - † Spitzer – Roller Coaster Villains – Any mix they’ve put out...
Check your PMs
Eucerin's been good to me since I was a little kid with eczema. Expensive, but it works.
Bacon brownies. With or without the weed.
Are the red threads cut? At this price I'm considering getting another pair. Not that I'm currently wearing them right now. Never.
check your PM's. LamedropXPd. Drag and drop. Easy. Most stylish umbrella there is.
I believe that the argument is that both the absolute numbers and the specific types of bacteria are lower on most public toilet seats than on a piece of wood you regularly expose to raw meats. If you think about it, it's not surprising. For a mens restroom I expect a certain amount of (sterile) urine on the toilet seat, but the amount of feces that will contact the toilet seat will be significantly lower. Buy a bamboo block for your veggies: Bamboo is environmentally...
No no, it's all about the shoe-suitcase matching.
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