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It's like when someone asks you how much you earn or what your GPA is: avoid specifics and give nice, fat, vague figures. "They're from Japan, so I'm not sure how much they would cost in USD." When people ask about why I wear the same jeans every day is where things get really creative.
Quote: Originally Posted by yoshimagikmagik haha, thats funny that you guys think this is trivial. You use the logic that "oh what the hell, this kid cares so much about a lil rain damage. its not as if the world is coming to an end." truth is, your right, its not, but you could apply that logic to this entire forum! there is no need to have an entire forum devoted to "premium" clothing. the world would be just fine without it. However, it is nice to have...
For comparison, here is my LGC belt. It's decent for the price; fairly thick, nice leather. I picked up a harness leather belt in light brown. The roller buckle is an experience, if you haven't had one yet.
I've already come to terms with the fact that I will have a massive "lot of stuff in my pockets" fade, because, well, I carry a lot of stuff in my pockets. If I wanted a perfect fade I would have bought one pre-distressed.
With the level of obsessive care prevalent on this forum, I'm pretty sure that whoever owned my jeans before I did probably cared for them better than I do.
Team sports. Get a basketball.
If I was $160 richer than broke right now, I'd jump on these. They look brand new. Hope these are gone before I get my paycheck...
Anyone have experience doing some extensive repair jobs on pocket bags? My 5EP are breaking in beautifully but my front pockets are getting some pretty big rips where I keep my keys. Should I just sew in another piece of fabric into the pockets?
5EP SDZ's have cradled me through 15 hour plane flights. I figure they're alright.
While attending as an undergrad it's ok. It's actually a great way to meet new people: Strangers come up to me all the time and tell me about their relatives or children to are also undergrads at my school. And it makes sharing a cab just that much easier. Once you graduate though, it gets a little old; a bit like wearing clothes with huge logos on them. I'd like to be an adult, not a walking billboard.
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