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Far, far more stunning in sheet metal. I agree in photos it looks fairly ugly, but once you get up close... wow. Anyone else find that Enzo photo hilarious? One coach store, one Enzo; a fairly normal uber-luxury pairing. But three minivans? Beverly Hills offers a collective sigh.
No love for the Evo? Brilliant car for dicking around on curvy roads. Looks way, way better than the STi. Absolute ball-breaking shite when commuting. Just the way I like em. Have they made the R32 less porky? Last time I drove one (~2006) it felt like I was steering a yacht. The Mini S, though not quite as practical, was much, much more fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by entropy kid I guess this is just the camera, but considering the pics you posted earlier from the PRPS I had expected ... more? Still beautiful, but these do not hook me as much as other pics you shot from that pair. I think you can see from the weird color change of the carpeting that the color balance in that photo is off. I, too, expected the PRPS indigo to be a bit more... impressive. Let's wait for the good...
Have you looked into American Apparel? Not greatest quality, but if you're going to be tearing a pair up might as well make it cheap.
Wikipedia says that the average american male is 5' 9.5" and weighs about 160lbs. I'm 5' 9" and 145 , wearing a 30W and 38R. I assume that the extra 15 lbs adds around 1-2 inches on to the waist and chest measurements, so the average american should be right at 32W and 40R - in line with what I see on this forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by blantonator anyone know if clarks sells a grey desert boot? You mean like the iconic Clarks Desert Boot in Sand?
Completely unrelated: That is undoubtedly the largest tie knot I have ever seen.
Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree a health caution for fake sunglasses - some (probably most) of them may not have UV protection! what they do is just darken the glass, without the polarization/UV blocking. when you just darken the glass, your pupils dilate, and MORE UV light gets into your eyes, which can cause cataracts, decreased vision, and other eye problems later on. i'm not saying that all fakes are like this, but can you really trust...
Search button broken?
I planned on washing at 4 months. Then it became 6 months. Then 10. I'm at 11 right now, and my 5EP SDZ smell like they just came out of the UPS shipper. But now with contrast.
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