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Thanks for the compliments guys. The smells have gone away almost on their own. At around 9mo I was noticing that they were retaining smells a bit more, so I started using Febreeze antibacterial about once a week, hanging them outside to dry, inside out. Recently, however, they seem to be deodorizing themselves. I'm not crazy - one of my female friends didn't believe that I hadn't washed em yet, so I dared her to sniff them. We agreed that they just smell like denim....
It was both my 5EP's and Mr. Roger's birthday today. Beautiful day in the neighborhood.
5EP SDZ Resins, one year, 365 days of wear, 0 washes. They've been damn good to me; I've never felt so attached to a piece of clothing before. They've been everywhere with me, whether it be bars, clubs, dirty ass parties, sledding in the streets, or Norway. The pocket bags have torn out from me carrying so much shit in them all the time, but that's why they're a full 5 inches deep, right? That would also explain the "carry lots of shit in my pockets" lap fade. The coin...
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock the top block looks way too big +1. You've got the Drizzt effect going on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mbogo In seriousness, I have one LGC, but then got on a belt kick for a while and made a couple using plain belt blanks from Tandy, and also bought one from . It's actually really nice, especially for under $17, and the lady is nice and accomodated a couple minor changes to the design for me. Whoa, those look like s steal for $17. How do they compare against the LGC's?
Even though I oppose tortoise hunting on ethics, it is impossible to deny how beautiful those frames are. Real tortoise is a stunning material. $750 seemed outrageous before you posted close ups; $750 is still outrageous, but so is my desire for them.
If you've had genuine leather belts fall apart on you, I have no idea what to say, other than that strapping 100lb anvils to your belt is probably not healthy. Cheap belts are generally synthetic, and thus with enough wear and tear, will dry, crease, and eventually break. If you want a thick, cheapish belt, Carhartt makes some rather thick belts. On the slightly higher end, my LGC has been very good to me. I hear Tanner also makes a good belt. Best of luck.
Those are some intense lap/knee fades for three months. Looks good.
They're online pretty often for deep deep discounts; check the usual suspects of eLuxury and ebay. If you can't find anything, shoot me a PM. I have a pair of 30's, worn maybe 3-4 times before it got replaced as my project jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbjorn No. Well, maybe the KTM X-Bow, but high mileage is hardly the focus... In fairness, the Lotus Elise and Honda S2000 are pretty good as it is. A Lotus 7 with a 1600cc Kent motor could get decent mileage. A 1st gen Miata with an VW 1.9TDi motor swap would be trick. Yeah, do that. And post pictures. Or just buy a motorbike. My CBR1000 does Prius mileage all day long. At significantly superlegal...
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