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Holy shit, 37 months is intense. Beautiful pair of Alden cordovan wingtip boots. They look fairly similar to this pair on Leathersoul.
I've found this look... highly polarizing, to say the least. However, it does get people talking. I'm prepared for the backlash.
Straight legs look like bootcuts when worn extensively. The knees tend to stretch out in the forward-back axis and pinch in on the sides, so from the front they look like an X around the knees. I actually got comments on how I was wearing bootcuts again when I was wearing my 5EP SDZ. No such comments on APC NS's, which are mildly tapered.
Shit Dmaz, I think you just convinced me to throw my pair of SDZ's in the wash a few times. The blue they take on is absolutely spectacular.
Just saw these in the Arlington store. Slubby and streaky as hell, with some pretty nice, decently heavy weight denim. Weave is pretty crazy too. Unfortunately, I was there to lose $210 on the 5EPxSF, so I didn't even think about trying them on.
I take my denim neat: no spandex, please. On second thought, if you're buying them just for the comfort then the spandex and soft denim are probably right up your alley.
Not the best pic, but it'll have to do. For people wondering how 5EP denim fades: Note: Contrast has been boosted on this last photo. For anyone else with a neurotic obsession for documenting denim, check out the minigallery I just set up.
8/10. Fairly classic, goes with almost anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa What 5EPs? SDZ Resins
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