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I'm more concerned about the alien baby head popping out of his back in the 2nd picture. And are you wearing a V-backed shirt?
Everyone and their mother seems to be quoting Pollan's latest book, but it is chock full of good advice. I believe fully in eating "mostly plants", but I sure as hell am not about to turn my back on two millennia of omnivorous behavior. I try to make my meals plant based, but I have no qualms about eating a fat, organic, grass fed steak. This makes ethical sense to me. We've managed to manipulate the evolution of a whole group of animals such that they are dependent...
Quote: Originally Posted by Countertenor You're exactly right. Boxer-briefs are useless. The boxer-brief love has always been confusing. When not sized down 3, they offer support without restricting movment. I've never had a problem with boxer-briefs riding up, but I've also never gone into skinny cuts. On the other hand, I do cycle through a pair of AA briefs. Fun colors. The ladies love it.
Just another part of an interesting life. People who don't get hurt haven't lived.
H&M is having their friends and family sale May 23-26, 20% off $60. Coupon:
Quote: Originally Posted by cottonadam I ordered some stuff last Fri and Sat and didn't get shipping confirmation email until yesterday morning. They ended up arriving later in the afternoon. I think with them going out of business and swamped with everyone ordering at 50% off their email system must be kinda slow or something. Anyone else get their stuff and what do you think? I like most of it. T shirts are a little long for my liking but not...
Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree i've tried on some of their pieces while the store in my area was still open; i'd say good quality and good little details for a tech jacket, however the price was a bit steep for my liking at the time so i passed. +1. Good quality, good concept in that they only use sustainable and/or organic materials and donate 5% of your order. Fairly well styled for a technical outerwear company. I never had enough...
That's really too bad; I loved the idea and execution of nau, not to mention their neat flippable logo. I dropped a couple bills on the sentiment. Ouch.
Don't go down this road. It can only end in tears, possibly with you carrying a sign on a freeway offramp stating "Will 'work' for natural indigo". Seriously, once you start getting into the upper echelons of denim, it's like comparing wine or cars. Everyone has an opinion, and there's no qualitative way to measure.
Andy Spade says no to socks.
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