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Don't believe Context on the sizing - I was expecting them to be slimmer too. My Routes, at true waist, fit almost exactly like my NS, sized down 2; slim but not significantly tapered. The Routes differ in that the hem is about .25-.5" smaller (7.5-7.75"), and the inseam is immense (36"). Otherwise, almost identical fit; rise, thighs, knees, hems, etc. Here's the measurements I got from Revolve: rise: 11" inseam: 36" waist: 30.5" leg opening: 15" I agree with Get Smart...
Brand new pair of Crate's Route. Got my true waist; I was actually expecting these to be a little skinnier. Too much stackage? I'm thinking about taking out about an inch or two, depending on how much they end up shrinking post-soak. Edit: I've gotten a lot of questions on what boots these are; They're by Tod's.
Actually, I was wondering the same question. However, I'd already pulled the trigger on a pair of Route's. We'll see on Monday, I guess.
A wonder they don't make a 32. Maybe I'll just gain weight. Bump.
+1 on thanks for BR link and shipping offer. Wear a 9.5 in most everything, ordered a 9 in beeswax. $43 shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Here's some bad "GQ" type examples. One from J.Crew: Good looking vest, but the model needs some slightly higher rise chino's to hide the shirt. They should have also left out the tie. +1. I wear something similar to this quite often, actually. White shirt, no tie + dark denim = win. I think the hardest part about wearing a vest is keeping it from...
Sick fades. However, is it just me or are your knee fades unusually low? It looks like your shins are about 3-4 inches shorter than your thighs.
Just got my confirmation from my order on the 5th.
I used Adidas Cottontech until I ran out this week, and I can't seem to find any new stock. I'm stuck looking for a good aluminum free deodorant. I'm told Weleda products are good, but they seem a bit pricey.
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife As the cannibal said to the missionary: "If God doesn't want us to eat people, then why did he make them out of meat?" The same reason why many animals have natural anti-cannibalistic instincts built in, and why people are discouraged from marrying their siblings: It spreads dangerous organism-specific diseases much faster than if you were eating other species. And to the guy who didn't see why...
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