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It's sort of apples to oranges here, isn't it? The fulton Maz 3d is a predistressed, prewashed, non-selvedge jean. It's lightweight and really quite comfortable, and top top it all off the cut is pretty damn good for a straight leg. They are mildly bootcut, I believe. On the other hand, APC NS' are raw, selvedge, stretchy jeans. They taper. So... it totally depends on what you're looking for. Both are pretty nice, but I think on these boards the NS' are +1.
Quote: Originally Posted by j A lot of people like the look of the normal felled, topstitched seams on jeans. They rumple up and fade irregularly. That's part of the character. Also, the topstitching itself, which is usually a contrasting color, is part of the character as well. +1. I assume this is the same reason why people are so adamant about chain-stitching their hems.
Flip flops are good when worn how they're meant to be worn: part of a relaxed, simple, warm-weather outfit. The more casual/tropical your environment, the more appropriate it is to wear them. Is that a picture of a lacrosse team with Bush? Flip flops are never formal. But then again, I guess that isn't the biggest mistake in that photo.
Samba's. And to disagree a bit with the guys who say these aren't good for workouts: I played indoor soccer for a few years and always wore samba's. They didnt' seem too bad at all - grippy and fair levels of support. Maybe my arch is a bit lower than most, but I had no problem using them for athletics.
Quote: here are usually four tiers of denim brands: designer, fashionable, mainstream, and mass market. My picks for each category based on price/quality value: for designer (DSquared, D&G, Karl Lagerfeld) you’re looking to spend $450 plus; for fashionable (Diesel, G-Star, Joe's, Parasuco) prices can range from $150 to $400; for mainstream (Abercrombie & Fitch, Zara, H&M) you'll get fashionable jeans at an economic price range, like $59 to $89; for mass market...
It's a subtle boot cut in person. Flattering for most people. But filson is more of what you see on styleforum - slim, slightly tapered cuts. I think ES has changed their cut names for new seasons. Jakimo ~ Hutch and Ace ~ Filson? Last time I bought ES it was called Fulton, so it could be...
Max time: About 3 days. Otherwise shit starts to dissolve into your booze from your flask, and thats not fun. White vinegar does wonders for alcohol related smells.
Damn good deal. I'd buy em if they were 30's .
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