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You guys have convinced me. Like most of you guys, if I buy something, I want to make sure it's of adequate quality that I would enjoy. Something that I can wear confidently for several years. Since there are LOTS of resources on getting a decent suit at an affordable price, I will definitely do my research on that, e.g. the ebay route, MTM, etc.
Just wanted to see what others thought. That is all I really haven't had to wear suits once, but maybe that is telling of how much more casual attire is becoming with the new generation. I just didn't like the idea of buying something that I don't want to have, as long as wearing a blazer doesn't offend others. But points well taken.
Hi guys, I need guidance as I face a dilemma. My situation: - I'm a third year medical student in much debt ($200+k), who is interested in dressing well. - In about 6 months, I will be preparing for residency interviews. So I will need a suit, or appear to have one. - As a doctor, you never wear a suit at the hospital, since you wear a white coat. - I'm already poor, and I only have one pair of black PA's so far and am looking hard on ebay for my second pair (burgundy or...
I think he does four in hand. I just emailed David Hober about the circumstance. I'm excited!
I'm getting it shipped to me. I won't leave until end of June, so I'm hoping that it will arrive on time.
And as for the color choice, he pretty much ONLY wears shades of blue, :shrug: so I figured I will take one step at a time by going with a different material but similar conservative color.
Dice has been tossed. We shall see! If he doesn't love it but only kind of likes it, then I may keep it for myself...!
Thanks again for all of your help! I ended up getting Sam Hober grenadine fina solid slate blue tie, 52 in by 3.2 in.
Thank you for your reply. The thing about going to the mall is that I would depend on "my" taste of ties... I have no taste. You guys do. As a good doctor would say: "Tell me more."
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