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Quote: Originally Posted by DLester are they predistressed, with that tear? that would not be my thing. but they look great otherwise. Yes BB1, those are from dl, right?
@BB1 nicelynice has the best outerwear collection IMO. You my friend, get the prize for most awesome non-sneaker collection!
^^That's not good, bro. I doubt that break in- they're never going to fit comfortably. Looks like you're going to have to sell them to me. PM me
Hey, what do you guys think of these? I'm looking for shoes under $100 that can get me more poonanny.
More drops. Rg Coat sold.
^^thats what suede is.
What if MC Hammer was able to impregnate Elvis? This.
bows is the fucking man.
Thanks to RFX for all the info.
Speaking of which...
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