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Saw Limitless last night, great movie. I think I managed to eat one of every item the concession stand sold- among other things, popcorn, soda, reeses pieces, twizlers, soft pretzel w/cheese, hot dog, tornado, mini-doughnuts, white castle cheeseburgers, and a slice of pizza. So yeah, great movie.
Maybe Woodyear thinks the banning goes like this... SF: There's something on my mind that I've been wanting to say to you for a while. I still care for you a lot, in fact I love you very much, but not in the same way . Woodyear: What are you saying? SF: I'm not sure, but I think that we're having problems, and maybe we should take some time off. You see, I'm not sure how I feel, but maybe we shouldn't see each other any more." WY: (He starts to cry) What do you mean? I...
No kidding, I ruined a pan once with olive oil- scorched it, and couldn't clean it off for the life of me.
Hope it aint this...
Snowman and I are willing to put up $$ to make UNCs dream come true.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Good chicken skin is crispy. Store rotisserie chicken skin is greasy, slimy and limp. I guess we know what you're ordering at KFC... Extra crispy baby! I'm more an original recipe guy myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor You guys and your cool shops. Atlanta is such a shit hole, if it weren't for Coca-Cola and Outkast I say we should nuke this place i thought the aquarium was pretty awesome.
Here's some Nutella porn for ya GDL...
the patent DBSS' are horrible- look like stripper moonboots.
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