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I know a few people here have made the spaghetti castle dish at Ledoyen- does anyone mind sharing the recipe?
Does butchering mean it started out alive, or was it skinned and you broke it down?
Sorry, I should have made that clear. It's not to drink- I'm using it in the L'Ambroisie chicken breast and morel dish.
I'm having trouble finding a bottle of ch√Ęteau-chalon locally- are there any acceptable (easier to find) substitutions I can go with?
Looks great. One of my favorite Robuchon recipes.
Excellent first post. Jermaine J. Jenkins
As has been recommended a few times before, Jerusalem (great leg of lamb recipe in there)- most of the recipes will work well for large gatherings. I'd also look at New Moroccan Mourad Lahlou, lots of great food there too.
That's pretty cool, Piob. Is this during Good Friday? That's the holy spirt holding the bottle up, correct?
Out of curiosity, what are you paying for them out there? I picked up a pound monday for $45.
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