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I noticed the L'Ambroisie recipe calling for it, but I was really talking about Frechon's book- it's called for a few times, and a focal point of the Cod dish I was considering making.
I see you found the goose fat too. I'm looking to do a few recipes next week. Where to kop lemon caviar?
Do those involve a Frechon recipe? I haven't even cooked anything from that book yet.
I'd like to pick up a chamber vac- any opinions on the VacMaster VP112 (it comes in around $500)? Or would it be more wise to spring for something like the VP210C?
I'm like 45 minutes from O'Hare and I'm actually heading down to Chicago for dinner at Next Friday. Who should I talk to about getting some of the delicious little buggers?
Looks great, Mgm. Did it blow your mind?
I'm sure somewhere in the world, school children are food, especially the white ones.
Would fresh dead langoustines be inferior to ones that were frozen shortly after harvest? I have a source that gets them from Brittany fresh, but dead. I seem to recall someone here posting something about their flesh quickly turning mushy after they die. Would frozen be a safer bet?
Use it for stock.
I thought it was pretty outstanding. The wine sauce went well with the fish. Out of curiosity, what method do you typically use for removing marrow? I just soaked the bones in some warm salty water for a few hours, and was able to push it out pretty easily. Proper technique?
New Posts  All Forums: