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Excellent first post. Jermaine J. Jenkins
As has been recommended a few times before, Jerusalem (great leg of lamb recipe in there)- most of the recipes will work well for large gatherings. I'd also look at New Moroccan Mourad Lahlou, lots of great food there too.
That's pretty cool, Piob. Is this during Good Friday? That's the holy spirt holding the bottle up, correct?
Out of curiosity, what are you paying for them out there? I picked up a pound monday for $45.
This is why I'm loving the ticket setup at Alinea and Next more, and more. There's always a shit ton of people on their FB pages selling tickets anytime from tonight through whenever (and almost always at face+plus the $10 transfer fee).
What's your favorite book right now? I've only made a few recipes each from the Alleno, and Frechon books and while some were great, others were just good. The L'Ambroisie stuff however has been all great, and I'm about 10 recipes into it.
In God's defense, it is still the US, so writing something that only lists metric weight measurements would probably get him labeled an Islamist, well, at least in Alabama.
Funny that you mention that (not the nearly cutting off your hand part). Maybe it's just me, but one thing I've noticed about the French cookbooks thus far, is they're a lot more vague about certains things and asume the cook using them knows more than what is assumed in American cookbooks. Coming from TK books, this was a bit frustrating at first, but now I find it more as a welcome challenge.
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