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Manton, you should try that lobster stew, it's pretty great. I wasted like 5lbs of potatoes making that damn dish though As usual, Matt's stuff looks excellent. You go, girl!
In the case of the HTC One, very much so. It kills every mobile phone, ever, when it comes to volume and sound.
Mike, the HTC One developers edition gives you the same direct updates from Google. Also, the build quality, screen, and a few other things make the Nexus 4 look like a toy in comparison. Go for the HTC One DE if you have access to it.
Dumped my IP5 for a 64 GB HTC One (it's a developers edition so I'll get the OS updates faster)- Android has pretty much surpassed iOS (which I already knew since even on the iPhone my most used apps were form Google).
Hey, if you're going to get TFL tuna, corners must be cut. Fuck wasabi, and avocado, it's TFL tuna!
I know a few people here have made the spaghetti castle dish at Ledoyen- does anyone mind sharing the recipe?
Does butchering mean it started out alive, or was it skinned and you broke it down?
Sorry, I should have made that clear. It's not to drink- I'm using it in the L'Ambroisie chicken breast and morel dish.
I'm having trouble finding a bottle of ch√Ęteau-chalon locally- are there any acceptable (easier to find) substitutions I can go with?
Looks great. One of my favorite Robuchon recipes.
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