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Pio, have played around with Windows phone 7, excuse me, iOS 7 yet? Seems like way too incremental of an update for a 7.0 release. Siri still sucks compared to Google Now, but it is only beta 1, the new voice isn't even in it yet. I think Apple should have at least made dock icons accessible from the lock screen.
I don't think Sense is anywhere near as intrusive as TouchWhiz- aside from Blinkfeed, there's really no need to get rid of it. It changes the look of stock Android, but unlike the S4, there's nothing there that's bogging things down or changing the feel of the OS. With that said, you can't get rid of it unless the phone is rooted and loaded with stock Android or some custom ROM. Also, it seems Google is starting to take a granular approach to reunify Android for those...
It's definitely there, it was very apparent in the week I had the phone for, but if you don't notice it, it isn't an issue. Here's one video putting it up against the HTC One starting around the 3:13 mark:
The OLED screen is a deal breaker for me, the color saturation is annoyingly unnatural. The lag is also an issue when compared to iOS, but if you can get over that, I guess you'll be happy. Although I've heard shutting off all the rendering crap does away with most of the hesitations.
Bullshit, Moo. They're coming at you, bro. You should cyber assault someone.
And here I thought it was just me. I've tried fresh oregano a few times and found it to be very aggressive- it also left a slightly metallic aftertaste.
The chicken looks great, Antwan.
My bag of baller charcoal came in- any tips on using the stuff? I know it's supposed to burn much hotter than the American charcoal, but are there any other adjustments I should plan for? I'm going to start off with a couple aged ribeyes.
Multi-Year Weight Training
FYI, if any of you guys are doing the Madcow/Stronglifts type workouts, the Multi-Year workout app is like the best thing ever. It auto calculates increases, warmup sets and has several workout templates to play with.
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