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The mention of the latter is interesting and I find it VERY hard to believe that no one would know it. Someone has to know, what is this mystery restaurant? Is it French?
None what you describe is normal. You can either take into an Apple store where they'll swap out for a new one, or call AppleCare and get one in 2-3 days (when the new one comes you use that box to return the defective phone).
I see Drake finally linked up with Lebron after getting rejected at the locker room doors last night.
I think Matt mentioned this awhile back and it's great... [[SPOILER]]
I think comparing players from 500 years ago makes as much sense matching someone like Usain Bolt against Bob Hayes. Players today are better, period.
lulz.Alonzo Mourning: Scottie Pippen Said LeBron Would Kick Michael Jordan’s Ass
Spurs got the moral victory for taking them to game 7. What kind of rings do they get for that?
otc, I thought you'd like this if you haven't already seen it...
Really? Here it looks like the size of the IP5.I have trouble visualizing Fumma with a S4. IMO, I'd go with an HTC One in place of an IP5. The S4, with all its bells and whistles will be a huge pain in the ass to learn. But even the One has a very large screen, and that doesn't seem to be something anyone not watching tons of porn really wants.
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