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You rest meat cooked sous vide? I've never done this.
Shit. This happened to me last night for the first time. "Woke up" eyes wide-open and was able to look around the room, but couldn't move my body. I didn't see, or hear anything, but felt terrified of something and imminent death- tried to scream, but obviously could not. The whole episode lasted about 5-10 seconds. I'm certain this is God trying to speak to me. Here's an artist's rendering: I sleep naked in case anyone was wondering.
How do you not have the iOS PolyScience Sous Vide app yet?
Am I the only that thinks hall of fame caliber PGs in their prime are a waste? I think in this day and age, especially, I'd much rather dump them for a premier SG, SF or PF because those are the types that bring in the championships. An all-star PG, at best, seems like more than enough.
Who uses retractable pens after three seasons of GOT? You'd make a terrible Lannister using a Bic.
Is that thread back to the furnishing topic now? Last I wandered into it, there was about 10 pages of some political crap.
Ed, fuck the haters, bro! I love the painter/duct tape theme, very deconstructionist like. You go girl!
I've had many, many headaches using silicone molds. Is their a general rule of thumb for how much baking time to add to a recipe that's written for more traditional bakeware?
Right, and those are the places to hit, because much like ice cream makers, it's go commercial or go home when it comes to fryers. The department store brands just don't get hot enough, so as was mentioned by Matt, I stick with a probe and pot.
When I use to work at the local Apple store we had a few people that would do it if we weren't busy. That said, we weren't required to, so you might get rejected. You'd be better off hitting one of the mall kiosks that do that type of thing 50x times day. Practice makes perfect, bro.
New Posts  All Forums: