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Yeah, I bet the defense is really regretting forcing the change. From what I've read Lester was much more balanced- although things did change when he found out about the $200k GZ hauled in.
Rumor has it that the state to going to be seeking a jaywalking charge with a hate crime enhancer. Should fit in nicely with the other 500 charges they're looking tack on.
Next time make things easier on yourself, put them in a chamber vac, and then toss them into an ultrasonic bath for a bit. They'll be much more peaceful and the tiny bubbles will have loosened the eggs for you. Works like a charm.
Just slightly ahead of Syria.
Damn, this reminds to hunt down a few of these little guys. Such a pain in the ass though...I hate Milwaukee.
Not buying that. The Muslim Brotherhood was an ally of the army all along. The army was autocratic for 18 months. Now the MB rules under army patronage for 12 months, and suddenly everyone hates Morsi so much that they ask the army back. Which is the source of autocracy to begin with? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. There's only one word for this. Scapegoat. The army saves its skin by turning on Morsi and letting him take the fall for everything. Same as it...
It was awesome! I have to say, of the six or so Arab countries I've been to, Morocco is by far my favorite. From the food, to the women, to the nightlife- it's all great. Looking forward to trying Turkey out though, maybe next year. Thanks again for the advice.
Well that's just great. This vote and then ignore the popular vote thing is a recurring theme in the Arab world. Silly Arabs can't handle democracy.
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