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hahaha. loser, did you not have what it took to head up the stuffed grilled cheese sandwich station?
He could also just go with Google Drive, you get something like 15GB to play with for all the Google services. I think Dropbox is something like 4-5GB.I use the ON{X} app along with the onx.ms website to set automatic backups of photos and stuff to Drive.
Looking super lean, Tegar. Are you on that bag?
Pio, looks like you have a like mind in the NFL.
Are certain foods banned from the dinner list? For example, it seems that burritos and fried chicken could possibly lead to a bias. If I were the judge I'd demand they're served falafel, hummus or kabobs, because even pizza might swing things one way or another.
Great, so now we have to pick between fish and erections?http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/12/health/salmon-cancer-time/index.html?hpt=hp_t3
Does a jury asking to see the evidence again give us any clues as to what they'll decide? It seems to me that this is a bad sign for GZ.
Haha. Some Canadian cracker must have written that sign out, they don't put lines through their sevens in the hood.
The comments are even better:Well, okie dokie then.
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