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Great, so now we have to pick between fish and erections?
Next time make things easier on yourself, put them in a chamber vac, and then toss them into an ultrasonic bath for a bit. They'll be much more peaceful and the tiny bubbles will have loosened the eggs for you. Works like a charm.
Just slightly ahead of Syria.
Damn, this reminds to hunt down a few of these little guys. Such a pain in the ass though...I hate Milwaukee.
Looking forward to this, last years looked great.
Are those Paleo?
Moo, is the chasidko off camera?
Hey, crowds and heat increase the likelihood of spying scantily clad women, so maybe all the guys were trying to get some buns too.
+1. I picked this up awhile back when you first mentioned it. I like being able to move around the house and still be able to keep an eye on what's going on outside.
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