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One finger is what I had planned to do with the ambroisie recipe I did a while back- could only find frozen chickens with feet though.
Shabbat shalom, Stitchy.
What brand non-stick pans do you guys use? Teflon or ceramic? Also, can anyone recommend a good fishmonger that can ship a Turbot to me?
How a small fits!
What's a good source for having fish shipped out to me? Places around here require 50lbs minimums for stuff like turbot and John Dory. That's obviously a bit more than I need.
PSA: Sur La Table now recycles Nespresso caps for free.
Looks great, Nil- I think you'll love the book.
The Misono, a couple of MAC knives,a Kasumi, and a Masahiro. The Misono felt really good too, but the Masamoto has a blade that's a bit more durable, so that ultimately sold me. So glad I found a place that had them, because I was seriously considering a 240- would have been a big mistake.
Really? I thought that thing had been unavailable for months due to quality issues.
Amazingly, I was able to find a place not too far from me that had these available to play with. Buying one wasn't much of a decision once I had my hands on it.
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