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Looks great, mgm. Is there anything he doesn't put gold leaf on?
Especially when he knows nothing...Candy CORN bread. Now that's some Jedi level cast iron baking. Take that, fluffy scallop.
FTFY. It's SF, dude,
You should try the receipe pictured above, it's pretty easy and tastes great (although mine was a bit chalky the second time I tried it).
Is there a science to picking good veal sweetbreads? I've noticed that even with pretty much the exact same cooking method and same cut (heart), they sometimes come out a bit chalky instead of juicy.
I noticed the L'Ambroisie recipe calling for it, but I was really talking about Frechon's book- it's called for a few times, and a focal point of the Cod dish I was considering making.
I see you found the goose fat too. I'm looking to do a few recipes next week. Where to kop lemon caviar?
Do those involve a Frechon recipe? I haven't even cooked anything from that book yet.
I'd like to pick up a chamber vac- any opinions on the VacMaster VP112 (it comes in around $500)? Or would it be more wise to spring for something like the VP210C?
I'm like 45 minutes from O'Hare and I'm actually heading down to Chicago for dinner at Next Friday. Who should I talk to about getting some of the delicious little buggers?
New Posts  All Forums: